5 Versatile Beauty Products

You know those products that work extra hard in your makeup collection? The ones that double up or serve multiple purposes. I’ve picked out a selection of my top five versatile products to share with you. Keep reading to see what I picked!


Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Despite this being a bronzer, I rarely use it to bronze my face. It’s my fave product to contour my nose with and I also use it all the time either in my crease or all over the lid for a quick eye look

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I use this spray for everything from refreshing my skin, setting my makeup, as a toner and even in my hair sometimes. I used to use it for dampening beauty sponges too but I tend to use a cheaper spray now.

NYX Wonder Pencil

This product is designed to be multipurpose, serving as a nude eyeliner, concealer, brow highlight and reverse lipliner. It’s a little too light for me to use as a concealer but there are other shades available. It’s great as an eyeliner and for highlighting my brow bone and I also use it in SFX or costume makeup for tracing designs.

Collection Glam Crystal Liners

For £2.99, everyone should have one of these glitter liners in their collection. They’re perfect for glitter liner, adding glitter to a cut crease or for all-over-the-lid glitter.

Pixi Cafe con Dulce Palette

I could have picked any number of face palettes as so many of them are designed to be multipurpose but I bought this expecting it to just be a highlight palette and found I actually love these shades for eyeshadows and even blush toppers as well.

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