Affordable Costume/SFX Makeup Essentials

SFX makeup is known for being generally expensive, but you obviously need a lot better quality than what you’ll find with a cheap face painting set. As a blogger and cosplayer on a budget, I’ve found that you don’t always need to pay more to get decent quality when it comes to costume makeup. Read on for my top list of affordable SFX essentials.

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted products but all opinions are my own.


I always buy cheap disposable makeup sponges from places like Primark and use unwanted brushes from cheap sets to apply SFX makeup. This is mostly because I don’t want to ruin my favourite brushes.


Coloured Contacts very kindly sent me some of their cosplay lenses to try recently. I had previously been on the hunt for affordable prescription coloured contacts but struggled to find any within budget. I’ll definitely be trying these out over on my Instagram (@beautysirenblog if you don’t already follow me.)



When you’re working with face paints and pigments that will potentially stain your skin and clog your pores, it’s good to have a base to protect your skin. My favourite affordable primer for this purpose is the MUA Pro Base Moisturising Primer (£4, Superdrug). Anything with witch hazel or tea tree is great to use as a base though and I used to love spritzing my face with The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner before applying face paints.



Revolution does great affordable SFX makeup such as liquid latex and fake blood. I think they only have them for sale during Halloween but they’re worth stocking up on if you want to create costume looks all year round.


De’Lanci Nocturne Lip Palette

I don’t really use this as lip palette but it’s ideal for face painting if you only need a small amount of colour and it’s a good price for the variety of shades you get. (£10.37, Ali Express)

Delanci lip 01

Snazaroo Face Paints

If you’re only looking for one or two specific colours, Snazaroo do really good quality face paints at an affordable price (from £2.54, Amazon). I also have their face paint palette which I picked up cheap on Amazon.


Let me know in the comments if you have any affordable costume makeup essentials!

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