7 Highend Products Worth the Money

I dedicate so much of my blog to raving about drugstore and affordable products, I rarely talk about highend products. For this post, I’m talking about the products that are unrivalled in my collection and worth the high price tag IMO.

Ofra Highlighters

I have way more highlighters than any sane person should but there’s just something about the Ofra formula. I have Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills and both give such a beautiful and intense sheen that is almost unmatched in my collection (except maybe the BECCA highlights).


Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit just get brow products right, but this brow gel is worth the money for me over their other offerings. While there are great dupes out- the Essence Make Me Brow is great, and I love the Maybelline Brow Drama- there’s just something about Gimme Brow.


Touch in Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eyeshadow Duo

I’m not sure if Touch in Sol is considered a highend brand but these babies retail for £20 in the UK which is a highend enough price tag to earn a place here. This liquid and glitter eyeshadow duo is what I was hoping the Revolution Eye Glistens would be but, in this case, it’s worth paying the extra. While we’re on the subject of liquid eyeshadows, I obvs love the Stila ones too.

CB 11

Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blusher

This is probably my favourite blusher, though it does retail for a ridiculous £25. You do get tons of product in here so it’s still decent value if you use it a lot like I do.

CB 16

Lancome Prep & Hydrate Primer

This is one highend product I have mentioned before as I bloody love this stuff. It’s £27 but I like it better than other highend alternatives at similar price points.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palettes

ABH is my fave when it comes to eyeshadow formula. They might have upped their price from £43 to £46 in the UK but I love my ABH palettes dearly and I would repurchase the ones I have if I ever needed to.

ABH soft glam 04

Skin79 BB Cream

Another one I’m not sure counts as highend, but the Skin79 BB Cream retails for around the £22 mark, which pushes it firmly out of drugstore pricing even if it’s not the most expensive option out there. I have the gold variety and would choose this BB Cream over foundation every time for its flawless yet natural finish.

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Gold

What highend products do you think are worth the money?

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