Primark The Little Mermaid Highlighter Palette Review

If you want me to buy something, putting The Little Mermaid on it and making it a highlighter palette is pretty good going. I love how Primark is making Disney merchandise so affordable!

This product is called Find Your Inner Mermaid Highlighter Palette. I was confused at first as it doesn’t say it’s from the PS… line that all Primark beauty products are, but it has both the Disney and Primark brands listed on the packaging.




The palette comes in standard cardboard packaging with magnetic closure. The box itself is a metallic gradient colour with an artistic drawing of Ariel on the front and shiny silver lettering. Inside, there’s no mirror but the mermaid artwork continues on the inner lid.


I picked this up for £7 for 6 x 4.4g pans. Like all Primark products, this is very affordable.



There are six shades in the palette, most of them are quite deep. I can just about get away with all of them on my yellow-toned light skin but if you’re much paler than me, I think these will mostly be too dark.

Primark Little Mermaid Highlighter Swatches

Treasure– Pinky peach

Under the sea– gold

Shipwreck– Peachy gold

Thingamabob– silvery pink

Imagine– bronze

Bubbles– icy lilac shift


A couple of the shades feel quite chunky when swatched but it’s not too noticeable on the skin. Most of these shades apply smoothly and give that metallic sheen that I prefer over a glittery look. A couple of shades are a little more powdery and textured-looking but overall, I think this is pretty much how you’d expect a drugstore highlight palette to perform.


These survive almost a full day of wear on my skin, only starting to fade after around the 7-hour mark. I think with all highlights, sometimes the combination of primer and foundation you’re wearing underneath make a difference to how they perform and I just haven’t found the perfect combo with this palette yet.

Overall, I really like this highlighter palette and I’m glad I picked it up. Some shades are better than others but I think you find that with most palettes. I don’t reach for these types of palette all that often but I think if you like Primark highlights and The Little Mermaid, you’ll enjoy this. For £7, it’s not the best in the world but it certainly outperforms its price tag and the packaging will look cute in my collection.

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