Primark PS…Vitamin C Skincare Range Review

I first spotted the PS…Vitamin C skincare range in Primark at the end of last year and featured it in my winter skincare haul. When I eventually got around to trying it recently, I was worried it would no longer be available in store and pointless for me to review. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Primark not only still stocks the original skincare items I picked up, they have also since expanded on the Vitamin C range and it’s all still super affordable.

Primark PS...Vitamin C Skincare Range Review

PS…Vitamin C Energizing Jelly Cleanser

I was intrigued by this being a jelly cleanser and expecting a gel texture, but it’s more of a thick face scrub type texture. It even has scrub beads for added exfoliation. This is obviously more of a skin polish suitable for a second cleanse or to prep skin on a morning and not for removing makeup or anything but I think it does a good job. The only thing I really dislike about it is that it’s so difficult to remove the scrub beads when I wash it off.

PS…Vitamin C Brightening Serum

This serum comes in a pipette style bottle and is similar to the Superdrug Vitamin C Skin Booster. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what this does on its own as I’ve been using everything together but it sinks into the skin quickly, smells of oranges and my skin has been brighter and clearer overall since I started using the range.

PS…Vitamin C Daily Brightening Moisturiser

The packaging of this moisturiser also reminds me of Superdrug’s own skincare ranges. It’s a pump bottle and the product itself is a gel-cream texture which has the same orangery scent and applies really nicely to the skin. I don’t think it’s the most hydrating moisturiser I’ve ever used but it’s a good lightweight option for summer.

Primark Vitamin C Skincare

PS…Vitamin C Reviving Face Mist

I don’t like the scent of this spray as much as the other products. It has more of a chemical smell than a fresh orangery scent. This is a cute 55ml bottle that I can carry around in my bag but £3 is a lot for such a small amount of product from Primark. The nozzle is quite nice for a cheaper spray but it’s pretty powerful and definitely not a fine mist.

PS…Vitamin C Glow Revealing Pads

Out of everything, these are probably the item I’ve used least so I don’t have much to say on how they perform for me but I do think the pads feel very wet like they contain a lot of product and they do the job of refreshing my skin or removing any leftover grime.

PS…Vitamin C Revitalizing Bubble Sheet Mask

The proportions of this sheet mask were a bit off on me and didn’t really fit my face but bubble masks are always fun and my face felt fresh and bright afterwards.

Overall, I’m really impressed at just how high quality the PS…Vitamin C range is considering everything is extremely affordable.  If you’re yet to try any skincare from Primark, I’d recommend starting with this if you see these products in store.

Have you tried the Vitamin C range before? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Amber x


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