Blank Canvas Cosmetics Airbrush Blenders Review

Having recently discarded my original Beauty Blender, I was on the lookout for a new beauty sponge. I think it was makeupmemissa on YouTube who mentioned these and I was intrigued enough to pick up the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Airbrush Blenders and review them for you.



Named the half a dozen eggs set, these sponges come in the cutest egg box packaging. For a product like this, I wouldn’t normally bother to mention packaging but it’s a really cute feature from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.



This pack of six will set you back £20 in the UK. While that might seem a fairly high cost, for six blenders it only works out at £3.33 each. At the time of writing, these are actually on sale for £14.



The Airbrush Blenders feel so soft and apply makeup beautifully.  As much as I love the Real Techniques sponge and the Primark one, Blank Canvas Cosmetics are the closest I’ve found to the original Beauty Blender at a substantially lower cost.

Wet sponge vs dry sponge

I’m not sure if every pack is the same, given that the colours I received vary to the image on the website, but it’s worth noting that four of my sponges are very soft beauty blender dupes, while the other two (the black and the pink) are the firmer type of sponge that doesn’t expand as much when wet. Both types apply makeup nicely but I feel like the firmer ones soak up more product and I just prefer the softer kind of sponge.

Overall, these are great dupes of the Beauty Blender and work out at a really affordable cost. I recommend picking them up if you’re in the market for new beauty sponge or six!


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