The Best Affordable Highlighters on the Market

Like many beauty bloggers, highlight is my obsession and the one item of my makeup drawers that is always overflowing. While I talk about highend loves such as BECCA and Ofra pretty often, I thought it was about time I dedicated a post to my fave highlighters on the more affordable side.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. As always, all opinions are my own.*

Barry M Baked Tri-Blend Highlighter (£6.49, LookFantastic)

While Barry M offers an affordable nail polish collection that is unrivalled IMO, I’m never really impressed by their makeup offerings. I wasn’t in need of a new highlighter when I picked this one up but it was on 3-for-2 at Superdrug, and we all know free makeup doesn’t count. The shade Bronze Deco verges on too dark for me but the formula is incredible for the price.


wet n wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder (£3.75, Beauty Bay)

When I first got this and tried it out, I was left disappointed. Having heard amazing things, I felt like this highlight just didn’t show up on my skin. However, I don’t know if I was using the wrong brush to apply it or if I needed to get through the top layer of product but this is a lot more blinding now and also super affordable!


ColourPop Supershock ($8, ColourPop)

I have the shade On the Cusp from the Kathleenlights Zodiac collection and it’s my fave. The squidgy, bouncy formula of the Supershock highlighters isn’t for everyone and this is best applied with a sponge or fingers but it’s so sheeny and wet-looking and also great for quick, everyday makeup.


Revolution Highlighter Reloaded (£3, Revolution)

I’m not surprised that the release of these highlighters went under the radar at the rate Revolution churn out new products. For the price, these are a solid drugstore option with plenty of pretty shades to choose from. The formula is soft and shimmery and looks beautiful on the skin.


PS…Ultra Glow Highlighting Powder (£3, Primark stores)

I’m never sure what’s available at Primark but their highlighters are always pretty good, and these Ultra Glow ones with the shell imprint seem to be the latest version. Some of the shades we’ve seen in other packaging but if you’ve never tried a Primark highlight, they have plenty of shades and they’re super pigmented.


Let me know your favourite affordable highlights in the comments!


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