6 Ways To Use Up Your Makeup

Like every beauty blogger on the planet, I amass products from highlighters and lipsticks to cleansers and body lotions way faster than I can possibly use them all up. I do get through a lot of products which you’ll know if you read my empties posts, so I wanted to share with you my tips for using up makeup and beauty products.


Rotate your beauty products regularly

This is a fairly obvious one but it’s the only way to make sure everything gets a chance if you have a substantial makeup collection. While this is a different tactic to the project pan method of consistently using an item, I find that by giving everything a chance I know what I really enjoy using and can then make the best decisions when it comes to decluttering.

Look after your products

Who else avoids using products like lipliners because they need sharpening? Or maybe you’re not using that cream blush because your preferred brush needs washing. While ever we avoid doing these things, products don’t get used. So make sure you keep products maintained so you can keep using them.

Repurpose items you’re not using

It’s so hard to force yourself to use products if they’re not your favourite, especially if this means ignoring products that you do enjoy. If you find yourself with a bathroom cabinet full of unloved skincare, think about how else you could put those items to use.

Unwanted cleansers or gentle shampoos are great for cleaning your makeup brushes, while moisturisers that don’t work for your face might perform on your neck, chest or the rest of your body.

Avoid stockpiling

When you discover a new fave, or a product you’ve loved for years goes on sale, it’s tempting to stock up. But with new products releasing all the time, it’s probably going to take some time before you reach your backlog. I’ve had it happen so many times where a mascara I’ve declared a favourite soon gets forgotten about in favour of something else and I end up with six unopened tubes that I kept buying as backup.

Don’t keep special occasion products

If you’re someone who actually celebrates special occasions frequently then I think it’s safe to keep that expensive foundation away from your everyday makeup. But don’t think that you’re doing yourself any favours by avoiding using products because they were expensive or limited edition. These products have expiry dates and go bad just like anything else in your collection, so make every day a special occasion and get using them.

Keep products everywhere, and reapply often

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who keeps a collection of lipsticks that live exclusively in various handbags, but if you find yourself with too many products that aren’t getting used, it’s time to spread them out. Everyday items like lip balms and hand creams are perfect for this as you can leave them scattered all over your house, in handbags and on your desk at work.

So that’s all my tips to use up your beauty products! It’s nothing groundbreaking but I hope it was useful.

Let me know your tips!


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