Favourite Amazon Beauty Finds

I’ve seen a few YouTube videos around the topic of top finds on Amazon and thought it would make a cool blog post. I buy a lot of cosplay supplies on Amazon from costume parts, face paint and wigs and they also supply a lot of makeup and beauty products you wouldn’t necessarily think of Amazon for.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, all images taken from Amazon.co.uk

Jessop Brushes

(25 pcs brush set, £34.99)

Everyone loves their eyeshadow brushes for obviously duping Zoeva brushes but the set I have also includes some decent face brushes too. I will say the face brushes shed a lot more than the eye brushes do but they seem fine now. If you just want the eye brushes, a set of 15 costs £14.29 or the same eye brushes are also in the 25 piece set.

Facial Cleansing Brush


I can’t comment on how this compares to the Forera Luna but realistically, I’m never going to spend that sort of money on a cleansing brush. I’m guessing this one won’t last as long but so far so good and it honestly looks identical to the Forera.

Reusable Cotton Pads

(Set of 18, £8.59)

One thing I want to cut down on is the number of cotton pads I consume, usually with micellar water and toner. These reusable ones are a great way to do that. There’s tons of options for these on Amazon and I don’t know if the ones I got are the best but they do the job for me and seem to be better value for money than a lot out there.

Disposable Facial Masks

(100 pack, £6.99)

I’ve been after these types of mask for ages to make my own sheet masks with and these are great value for money and it’s fun to make your own masks as long as you’re careful with ingredients.

Face Paint Brushes

(5x 10 pack, £9.98)

I want to talk about this great value set if you need a lot of face paint brushes. It comes with five packs of ten brushes. Each pack contains the same brushes but I’ve got a supply now. I love to use these with my face paints or for detailed liner work or anything like that.

SHISEIDO Facial Razors

(Pack of 3, £2.88)

Whether you want to fully shave your face or you’re just looking for a razor to use between your eyebrows, these are really good value and pretty decent quality.

Acrylic Storage

(Compact organiser, £8.99) (Palette holder, £6.68)

Like basically every beauty blogger, I’m obsessed with makeup storage and Amazon is my go-to place for new storage bits. Acrylic storage can be expensive but my favourite affordable pieces can be found on Amazon including this compact organiser and palette holder. I can also recommend these plastic drawer separators which clip together and fit inside Ikea Alex drawers well.

Mixing Palette


I don’t use the actual palette as much as I thought I would but the tool that comes with it has proved itself invaluable in my collection many times. The palette is ideal for mixing foundation shades together, mixing glitters and pigments and making your own face paint, while the tool has been useful for depotting makeup as well as a mixing tool.


(45 pieces, £5.66)

I’ve had these glitters in my collection for so long now I forgot how inexpensive they were. Sure, these days I’m a bit more conscious of trying to use environmentally-friendly products and also the safety of items like this that aren’t listed as being eye-safe but if you need cheap glitters, these are an incredible option IMO.

There are so many great finds on Amazon, I could probably do a part two pretty easily. Let me know your Amazon must-haves in the comments!



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