How to Create Halloween Makeup on a Budget

With Halloween just around the corner, our Instagram feeds are full of spooky looks and professional SFX makeup. Gone are the days when you could just throw on a sheet and claim to be a ghost, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy makeup to achieve a killer look this Halloween.


Repurpose unwanted makeup

Do you have a foundation that’s not cutting it in your everyday makeup collection? Or a lipstick shade that’s just a bit too bright? When you do makeup declutters, is there anything worth holding onto for Halloween? I do this all the time with foundations and powders in the wrong shade or that crazy-coloured highlighter you never wear in the real world. Don’t forget about brushes too!

Make your own face paint

Colour correctors, cream products, white concealer or foundation lightening drops and even pigments and a mixing medium can all make great face paint if you don’t have the right shades for your look. A deep red liquid lipstick can also make the perfect fake blood. Use what you have in your collection!

Affordable Halloween products

If you decide to purchase the tools for your spooky look, there are still plenty of affordable options out there. Here are some of my favourite finds:

NYX Off Tropic Pro Liners

I can’t believe how much I’ve been using these colourful eyeliners recently, and they’ve been handy for Halloween makeup too.

Morphe 25L Palette

I know it’s discontinued now but any brights palette will be useful to have on hand ready for those spooky looks.

Collection Glam Crystal Liners

Because glittery Halloween looks are even more fun, and better if you can make it super affordable too.

Snazaroo Face Paint

If you do decide to purchase face paint, Snazaroo is a good affordable option.

Revolution Pro SFX Makeup

Fake blood, liquid latex and face paint are all pretty affordable from this range. I don’t know how it compares to professional quality SFX stuff but I’ve never had any problems with it for Halloween.

Poundland Adhesive Gems

A discovery in the arts &  crafts section in my local pound shop, these gems are great for jazzing up a simple eye look. Poundland and similar bargain stores also have some decent Halloween accessories if you look for them.

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