Cult Beauty Starter Kit 2020 Review

A few months back Cult Beauty launched their Starter Kit, a £30 box of goodies made up of brands stocked on their website. Offering a pretty impressive RRP saving, the box quickly went out of stock and I sadly missed out. So when I saw they were offering a slightly different version for 2020, I snapped it up.


What’s included in the box?

According to CB, the items bought individually would add up to £79.

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA- 30ml

I somehow completely forgot to photograph this but it’s definitely included! This is a full-sized product worth £7. I’ve tried quite a lot of The Ordinary’s skincare but I’ve never seen the Alpha Arbutin before. Apparently, it’s good for fading pigmentation so I’ll have to put it to the test.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask- 30ml


This 30ml size retails for £20.50. I already have a mini of this gel-like sleeping mask and love its glow-restoring AHA properties so I’m excited to have a larger pot.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment- 28g


This smaller size hair maks retails for £10. I’ve tried a couple of Living Proof products from subscription boxes and never been that impressed but I do love a good hair mask so I hope I have something more positive to say about this.

Patchology Flashmasque Hydrate


I’m not really in need of a sheet mask and I’m not familiar with this brand so this is the item I was least excited about. This retails for £8 and claims to replenish dull skin so I’m sure I’ll love it if it does what it says.

NARS The Multiple in Orgasm- 4g


This cute mini cream blush is the first NARS makeup I’ve tried. It’s not available separately in this mini size but is worth about £8.50 based on the cost of the full size. Despite not being a huge cream blush fan, Orgasm is such an iconic shimmer pink shade and I’m glad to have this to try.

Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette


This £25 Huda palette will be the star of the show for many people. When I ordered this, I completely forgot that I have the full set of Beauty Glazed dupes for Huda’s 9 pan palettes so I didn’t exactly need this but the shades are really pretty and wearable for me and I get to do a comparison too.

Is the Cult Beauty Starter Kit worth it?

On doing the sums, I’m kind of surprised to find out that CB’s suggestion of £79 is exactly what the contents of this box add up to. I think if you’re interested in the higher value items- the Huda palette and the Glow Recipe mask- you’re getting a good deal on everything else in the box. If you already own some of these things or know you won’t use them, it’s not a must-have. I also think the previous version of this starter kit had a couple of items I was more interested in like a mini Charlotte Tilbury lipstick so its disappointing that I didn’t get my hands on that but I do think this is a good deal and I’m excited to see what other curated boxes Cult Beauty launch next.

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