January Empties 2020

While I still don’t know exactly how to tackle empties posts this year, I really didn’t use all that much in January so it made sense to do a classic monthly roundup of everything I finished and what I thought of the products.



Maybelline Brow Satin

This is my favourite brow pencil. The colour works perfectly for me, it’s a thin nib but not quite as small as a skinny brow pencil. I never use the power side but it’s worth it for the pencil.

Repurchase? Yes

Pixi Glow Mist

I wrote a glowing (ha ha!) review of this but not long after, the spray nozzle broke and it started firing out like a super soaker, which is what I hated about the original Pixi Spray. It’s such a good product but the packaging really lets it down for me.

Repurchase? Not until they fix the nozzle

ColourPop LippieStix in Bichette

This isn’t actually empty but I broke it and now it looks like its growing mould…ew…

Repurchase? I do really like this formula but I have loads of lipsticks to use up



Revolution Niacinamide Spray

I thought I’d like this as niacinamide has previously been great for my skin but I don’t feel like it did anything for me. There’s a lot of other ingredients in this too and I’m starting to be more careful with what I put on my skin.

Repurchase? No

Lancome Rose Sorbet Cryo-Mask

I liked the texture of this mask- it looked almost like a silicone primer and washed off really easily. This made my skin look smoother and was also hydrating so I really did enjoy it but it’s quite expensive being Lancome.

Repurchase? Probably



Wilko Dry Shampoo

This does a really good job for something so cheap. I couldn’t find it in my local store but it’s still available online so I would definitely pick this up again.

Repurchase? Yes

Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo

I can’t remember where I got this mini from but I enjoyed it. The full size is way too pricey for me to spend on dry shampoo but I would use it again.

Repurchase? No

Garnier Ultimate Blends Smoothing Hair Food Coconut & Macadamia

I don’t have any extreme feelings on this hair mask really. It was fine, it did the job but it didn’t blow me away.

Repurchase? Maybe

Bath & Body


Avon Little Black Dress Body Spray

I’ve had this body spray so long I don’t think they even make it anymore! It was nice though but glad to get it decluttered.

M&S Nature’s Collection Cranberry Bubble Bath

This mini bubble bath came in a set. The fragrance was lovely but I always find bubble bath in a squeezy tube a bit weird and it didn’t last long.

nspa Bath Crumble

I got this in the January sales in Asda. Bath crumble is basically crumbled up bath bomb so it didn’t do anything amazing but I liked it enough.

ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I’ve talked about this before but this is another mini spray that smells nice for bedtime.

Mitchum Deodorant

This is the only deodorant I buy now and I usually pick it up on offer as it just works so well for me.

4 thoughts on “January Empties 2020

  1. I didn’t know Wilko did dry shampoo, so I’ll be trying that. I love doing my Empties Series as it covers a wide range of differing products, and, for the same reasons, I enjoy reading them too, so thanks for sharing.


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