Easy SEO Tips for Bloggers

In 2020, I’m sure we’ll see big changes to SEO and the way we use search engines but I think as bloggers, it’s easy to get caught up in that and ignore the basics. For this post, we’re talking about easy SEO tips that anyone can do to start getting more organic blog traffic.

ColourPop Yes Please palette swatches

Ditch the pronouns

When you’re talking about a product, it’s unnatural to constantly repeat its name but there are other things you can do that are a little more SEO-friendly than just using pronouns like “this” or “it.” If you think about what people call the product and what they might type into search engines, there are probably variants. The list below shows some examples of different nouns you can use to describe the same palette. Try to use similar variations in your content rather than pronouns.

  • NYX Modern Dreamer Eyeshadow Palette
  • NYX Modern Dreamer
  • NYX Modern Dreamer Palette
  • NYX Eyeshadow Palette
  • Modern Dreamer Palette
  • NYX Palette
  • Eyeshadow

Do your research

For some, the idea of conducting keyword research before you publish content about a product limits creativity. For me, it actually helps me come up with new ideas. Maybe people are searching for specific questions about a product that I can answer. Maybe they want swatches or dupes, or to see how it compares to another product.

In the below list of keywords generated from keywordtool.io, I can see that there isn’t much I can add to my NYX Modern Dreamer Palette Review as some of these searches are people looking to buy the product, but there are people looking for swatches and looks with this palette which is something I could add.

Researching the search engine results page (SERP) for your target key phrase is also a good idea to be sure that you’re offering up the right sort of content to answer that search query. I would know that the keyword “nyx modern dreamer ulta” isn’t relevant to me because it’s mostly shopping results when I do that search.


Get a plugin

I could rant for hours about the proper use of the Yoast plugin since getting a green light from Yoast’s traffic light system doesn’t actually have any impact on your rankings, but I have to admit it’s a pretty nifty plugin to have. It’s beginner-friendy and it lets you create meta descriptions that will be visible in search engines to help you get more clicks and more traffic.

Don’t waste time optimising the wrong content

With a plugin like Yoast, it may seem an easy fix to go back and get those green lights on all your old posts, but there’s no point optimising something if there’s nothing to optimise it for. Typically, posts like favourites, empties and that kind of roundup content are unlikely to attract search engine traffic because nobody is searching for them. It’s generally better to spend time optimising product reviews and guides and that kind of searchable content.

Create amazing content

I’m not going to tell you that there is a magic word count or a minimum number of headings to use or anything like that because it’s not true. Google wants to show its users the best content on whatever they’re searching for so if a 300-word piece answers the search query better than something that’s 1,200 words, the shorter content is still going to perform better in search.

The reason there’s a correlation between word count and ranking is that longer pieces are typically more detailed, provide more information and answer search queries better. Also, people tend to spend more time on your site if there’s more for them to read which is another factor.

If you can add more to your lipstick review, for example, by adding swatches, suggesting dupes, providing video content, discussing the product weight and comparing to other products etc, it’s probably going to help you out in search engines. But only do this to make your content better, don’t stuff your posts with needless words for the sake of it.

I hope this helped but I’m always open to discussions. Drop me a comment or email beautysirenblog@gmail.com if there’s anything else you’d like me to cover.

3 thoughts on “Easy SEO Tips for Bloggers

  1. This is definitely helpful, I love learning more about SEO, it makes sense to not optimize old posts that aren’t searchable, I’ve just finished doing all my posts but it took me months and I’ve still started on reviews and more searchable stuff.


    1. Thanks for reading, glad it helped. There’s no harm in having everything done and tidy but yeah if you only have limited time, I’d spend it on the stuff that has more chance of bringing in traffic. There are always exceptions too- one of my haul posts used to get traffic for a specific product because there was no other content out there about it.


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