ColourPop x KathleenLights Light As Air Signs Palette Review

I’m not sure if it’s just me who completely missed this release but it seemed to come out of nowhere. The latest collaboration between US beauty brand ColourPop and YouTuber KathleenLights includes four new blush shades and a magnetic palette. These items are all available separately or in the Light As Air Signs Palette

I’m going to review the palette as a whole but bear in mind that this palette is basically just a bundle of items and you can buy the pans or the palette separately.


The design of the magnetic palette this comes in is truly stunning, featuring a gradient of pastel pinks and purples and astrological patterns of moons, stars and constellations on the front.



Bought as the bundle palette, the retail price is $45 and can be purchased from the ColourPop site. The individual blushes from the collaboration with Kathleen retail for $8 for the pan or $9 in a compact while the empty magnetic palette retails for $10.



Along with the four new blusher shades, the Light As Air Signs Palette comes with a bronzer and a highlighter from ColourPop’s existing collection.

Padded Down- pressed powder highlighter

This is a gorgeous warm champagne highlight that would be a good dupe for Benefit Cookie. It’s a very dense pressed formula that applies best with a fluffier brush and gives a metallic wet-look highlight.

Private Party- pressed powder bronzer

A warm-toned and quite pigmented bronzer that has just enough shimmer in it.

My Sun and Stars – pressed powder blush

Bright coral pink blush with a golden shimmer. This is the sort of shade I tend to go for in a blusher but it does verge on slightly too pigmented for me.

Lunar Has It- pressed powder blush

Nude-toned bush that could work as a bronzer on paler skin.

I Need Space- pressed powder blush

Mauvey pink with a subtle sheen. This isn’t the kind of shade I’d typically go for but it looks super pretty on the skin and complements a lot of makeup looks.

So Retrograde- pressed powder blush

Deep orange-toned shade with a gold shimmer. I don’t own any blushers like this one so I was really excited to try but I’m not certain the orange tone suits me.



Do you need the Light As Air Signs Palette?

Of course I can see through the marketing tactics used here to make me spend more money on a complete face palette but it is only a couple of extra dollars if you wanted to pick up all the new Kathleen blushers and the empty palette anyway. If there’s only one or two shades that appeal to you or you don’t need the $10 palette, you can buy the shades you want in the individual compacts.


3 thoughts on “ColourPop x KathleenLights Light As Air Signs Palette Review

  1. The packaging is everything but the shades are too warm for my tastes, the last one would look terribly on me! I Need Space looks amazing though


    1. That one is my favourite but I probably wouldn’t have picked it up on its own! I’m glad you can buy whatever you want from this set though and don’t have to get the whole thing. The empty palette is so pretty ❤


      1. I’d get the empty palette without the blushes ahahah! I love that kind of colour, is what most of my blushes consist of actually


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