GlamGlow GlowStarter Moisturiser Review

There’s something about glowy fresh skin that I just love all year round for any occasion. So if my moisturiser can give me that glow, I’m on board. I’ve had the GlamGlow GLOWSTARTER Illuminating Moisturiser in my collection for a while now so I’m ready to give it a proper review and let you know my thoughts.

GlamGlow GlowStarter Moisturiser Review


GlamGlow products generally come in pretty cool packaging and Glowstarter is no exception housed in a silver plastic tub. Their packaging doesn’t necessarily scream highend to me like some luxury brands do but it does have a certain cool edge that I think is very in line with their brand.



This moisturiser retails for £36 in the UK for 50g of product. It ain’t cheap but it’s GlamGlow! You can pick this up from Boots here or LookFantastic here. (affiliate links)



I have the shade Nude Glow which is the middle champagne-bronzey tone of the three shades available. For me, this is perfect because it doesn’t really add any colour, it just adds glow. I apply quite a generous amount and just dot it around my face before rubbing it in. Under makeup, this just gives me a gorgeous glowy base that’s perfect if you don’t want to prime (but the primers I’ve tried do play nicely on top too!). Used alone, I also love it for just perking my skin up if I don’t feel like putting on makeup.

While the glow this gives is evident, I don’t think I trust its hydration qualities enough to use only this as my moisturiser. I also only use GlowStarter in the daytime because my pillows don’t care about that glow so I think reserving this for daytime teamed with a heavier night cream makes a good skincare routine. It also smells incredible which is great for applying on a morning!


Overall, I love this product but if you have dry skin or you’re looking for something super moisturising, this probably isn’t going to work for you used alone. If you just want a nice glowy boost of hydration, this is lovely but I think calling it a moisturiser is a bit of a stretch.

4 thoughts on “GlamGlow GlowStarter Moisturiser Review

  1. I actually haven’t used anything else for the past year, I just run out of my second (or third one) I love it, it’s not super hydrating I agree, but I love the glow it gives and the scent in the morning makes me happy ahah on me I also feel like it makes my pores look smaller and acts almost like an IG filter. I have a Chanel one I’m trying to finish to declutter a bit but as soon as I’m done I’ll get this one again


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