Lockdown LookFantastic Haul

Even before lockdown began, I started 2020 with a mindset that I was going to buy less stuff, waste less and focus on enjoying the makeup I have so that’s why there haven’t been any hauls on my blog for a while.

Now since I don’t have much else to spend my money on except bills and food, I decided to treat myself to some new bits from LookFantastic. Read on to see what I picked up.

*contains affiliate links*

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream


I had a mini of this a while ago and I really enjoyed it so I thought this might be a good product to cheer me up. It smells incredible and feels smooth on the skin so I know it’s way pricey but it feels like the perfect lockdown product to me. 

Get it here

Benefit 3D Brow Tones


While I haven’t been doing my makeup every day, I have been using a brow gel a lot of the time just to make my limited brows look a bit better. I feel like my Gimme Brow is the wrong shade so I wanted to try something else and was drawn to this. So far, the shade match is much better and I love the brush on this.

Get it here

Lumene Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint 


This isn’t something I would have chosen myself but Mikhila/MissBudgetBeauty on Youtube recently spoke about it and it sounded like something I would love. Light coverage, fresh skin and skincare benefits too? I had this on my face the moment it arrived and I have to say I absolutely love it already. It smells great, feels like I’m applying fancy skincare rather than makeup and just gives my skin a natural glow.

Get it here

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Heavy Metal Liner Set

Urban Decay Mascara and liner

Can we talk about what a bargain this was? The mascara and glitter liner set retails for £28 which is pretty reasonable compared to buying them separately but I also had a discount code so it only cost me £22. I love the Collection Glam Crystal Liners so I’ve been intrigued to try the Urban Decay version for a while. I definitely don’t need another mascara but I’ve never tried Perversion so I thought I might as well pick up this set while I could.

Get it here

Ren Ready Set Glow Tonic


I was running low on toner and wanted to try something different. I love the Lancome Confort Tonique, I love the tonic from the Superdrug Natural Radiance but I have recently been enjoying a BHA toner that I got from YesStyle and wanted something with similar benefits. This stuff is pricey but it’s a decent-sized bottle and it has the push top packaging which I love.

Get it here

wet n wild MegaGlo Blushlighter in After Sex Glow


I have no excuse other than this is a highlighter and it looked cool. I’ve tried this out a couple of times and it’s a really pretty highlight/glowy blush duo with that wet-look sheen I’ve seen in other wet n wild highlights. These duos come in a few shades and I think After Sex Glow is the perfect one for my skin tone but the two shades look weirdly similar on my skin even though one is much pinker and blushier in the pan. I will have to play with this a bit more but I like it so far.

Get it here

That’s everything I picked up from LookFantastic. I have bought a few things here and there from other places but mostly it’s been skincare or things I really wanted rather than the needless spending I was doing before.

I hope you’re all doing well- let me know how lockdown has affected your beauty purchases.



4 thoughts on “Lockdown LookFantastic Haul

  1. The highlighter is so pretty! I’m using Gimme Brow from Benefit but I’m curious about the one you got, I’ll have to try it when GB runs out


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