Morphe Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist Review

As a devoted fan of the original Morphe Continuos Setting Mist, I was intrigued by the release of the new matte version. Read my review of the Morphe Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist below to see what I think.

Morphe Mattifying Spray

From the Morphe site: This micro-fine mist contains translucent powder that works on all skin tones to instantly mattify and set liquid or powder makeup for up to 12 hours. A continuous, air-powered spray delivers even and controlled application for a smooth, matte finish with a refreshing scent.


Housed in a white aerosol can, the mattifying mist contrasts with the black packaging of the original and looks really sleek. Morphe is the only brand I know of who provide these aerosol spray type setting mists.


The original mist recently increased in price in the UK from £15 to £16, and the mattifying version comes with the same £16 price tag for 79.4g of product. I believe this is the same size product as the original but it is measured in grams rather than ml. Morphe is generally a mid-price brand so this isn’t the most expensive spray out there but it’s certainly not a cheap one.

Morphe Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist Review


The mist is an aerosol spray like the original but the product itself feels and applies a little differently. It doesn’t spray quite as continuously if that makes sense because it feels less liquidy and more powdery.

It’s worth noting that whenever I’ve used this, I’ve noticed little white flecks appearing on clothing and furniture. This is common with mattifying products but luckily I haven’t noticed this on my face at all.


This gives a really matte look. I think if you are very oily or struggle with oil control with your makeup, you might like this. Personally, as someone with normal to oily skin, I like to use this as a mattifying boost instead of using powder. If I powder my face and then apply this spray, I look a bit too cakey.

Overall, I prefer the original mist for my personal preference in how I like my makeup to look but I do think this will have a purpose in my collection for days when I’m extra oily or if I’m going to have my makeup on for a long time and want to keep it looking matte.

Pick this up from Boots here (affiliate link)

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