Viseart Paris Edit Eyeshadow Palette Review

I made the decision to buy fewer products and waste less way before the lockdown situation happened. Now I’m in the position to treat myself, I’m making more informed purchases and picking up items that I really want. The Viseart Paris Edit Eyeshadow Palette definitely falls into that category as I’ve heard good things about Viseart and the colours in this palette really appealed to me. Read my review below to see what I think about this palette.



The packaging is so adorable and I love it. The Viseart Paris Edit Palette is palm-sized tiny and comes housed in soft touch matte pink cardboard with a flip-style magnetic closure. It has a mirror inside which adds to its travel convenience and the flip opening can be used to stand the palette up like an easel.

The outer packaging looks gorgeous but I’m not keen on the plastic tray holding the pans- it looks a little cheap compared to the rest of it. It’s not a big deal though and I especially love that this palette is magnetic and the pans can be removed and swapped around with other Viseart edit palettes if you’re into that.



The Viseart edit palettes retail for £30 in the UK for 12g of product. Given that you’re getting 12 shades, I assume that’s 1g per eyeshadow but I’m not certain as these look like such tiny pans. Even though it looks like a small palette, I think that’s a decent price per gram compared to other highend palettes and it’s a great price point to be able to try Viseart eyeshadows rather than picking up one of their larger palettes.



I was initially drawn to the Paris Edit over their other releases because the colour story is soft and rosy which is my vibe but also it looks a lot more cool-toned than any other palettes I own. Since I already own way too many palettes for someone who doesn’t wear eyeshadow all that often, I do try and only purchase things that are going to add something to my collection and I think this does that.


Viseart Paris Edit swatches


I’d heard great things about how Viseart shadows blend and I’m not disappointed with this palette at all. As someone who doesn’t like to spend hours blending shadows and putting eye looks together, this palette is perfect for me because the mattes blend so effortlessly and the shimmers are really soft and pretty. As Cleia said over on, the shimmers are a little too soft and can break up a bit in the pan. Viseart shimmers apply a little differently to others I’ve used- they’re actually great applied with a fluffy brush and can be blended in the crease like matte shades just fine. They do pack more of a punch applied with a dampened flat brush.

Overall, I’m really glad I picked this up. I’m already eyeing up some other Viseart palettes but I am trying to limit myself. I think the edit palettes are so cute and I can’t wait to travel with this as soon as it’s possible to leave my house!

Have you tried this palette? Let me know any other recommendations from Viseart in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Viseart Paris Edit Eyeshadow Palette Review

  1. I’ve never tried their eyeshadows but OMG the swatches look amazing. I love that it blends easily, I’m just like you on that front!


    1. The edit palettes are so cute if there’s a colour scheme you like! I am quite lazy with my eyeshadow, when I buy an expensive palette like this I expect it to blend itself 😅


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