4 Ways to Improve Your Old Posts

Improving your old blog posts can be useful not just for SEO purposes but for the users landing on your old pages. I have a few small tips for how you can update your older content, read on to find out.


Add links

Older posts that get a lot of traffic have more authority in search engine terms than the blog you posted last week, so linking out to newer content is a good way to give it a boost. If possible, try to do this contextually and don’t just add random links. You could also add missing product links or affiliate links if you have them.

Update content

If information such as pricing or even your opinion has changed, amending your posts to be as up to date as possible will reflect well not only for search engines but for users who stumble across your older content. If you have a lot of old posts, maybe just focus on the content that’s still getting the most traffic.

Add new media

If your photography skills have improved or you have relevant video content that you didn’t have before, this can also be a good way to add new life to an old post. It’s also important to think about page loading speed and optimise/compress any older images that could be slowing you down.

Update your top-performing posts

Don’t assume that your highest-traffic posts are fine and can be left alone. If most people find your site via these posts, it’s important to make sure they’re as good as they can be and offer the best representation of your blog. Depending on the nature of your blog and its aims, you might also want to make sure your best posts include a relevant call to action such as newsletter sign up, contact form or social media links.

That’s all my simple tips for now! Let me know if you have any other suggestions.

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