4 Reasons to Try No Buy July

After a couple of months stuck at home with fewer things to spend my money on, I have developed an expensive highend makeup purchasing habit. But money is only part of the reason why I’ve decided to attempt a no buy for the month of July. Read my reasons below.

ABH soft glam 04

I’m desperate to use things up

Sometimes as soon as I get my hands on a new product, I’m already thinking about when it’s going to make its way to my empties pile and it’s like I just can’t enjoy using things if I know I’ve already got a replacement lined up.

I buy things for the sake of it

Does anyone else feel like they can’t just purchase a single product? If I’m shopping for something specific online, I feel like I have to buy multiple things and often I go out of my way to look for products that I don’t need to buy rather than just getting the one thing I do need. Similarly, I’m also a sucker for samples or free gifts where I end up spending more just to get something for “free.”

I have a backlog of reviews to get through

It’s easy for beauty bloggers to get caught up in the newness of constant releases but you need to spend time trying out a product, photographing it, doing swatches etc before you can write up your thoughts effectively. I feel like these past couple of months I’ve just been adding to an overwhelming pile of makeup that I need to get around to reviewing and I need to give myself time to catch up.

I’m becoming more conscious of waste

When you try as many beauty products as I do, there’s always going to be the odd mascara that dries up before I can finish it or the skincare item that loses its efficacy, but I feel like product and packaging waste is an issue I’m becoming more aware of. Not only am I throwing away unused product, I’m also trying to think of the environment and make better choices when it comes to recycling packaging.

That’s my four reasons to try and keep the July spend-free for the whole month. Has anyone else done this before or will you be joining me?


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