Morphe 18b Eyeshadow Palette Review

Morphe eyeshadow releases can be a bit hit and miss for me but I really liked the colour story of the Morphe 18b Makin Bank Eyeshadow Palette when I saw it and I picked it up at a good price. Although it looks a lot more grungy green, the Morphe 18b reminded me of the Natasha Denona Gold Palette so I really wanted to try it and review it for you.



Like all Morphe’s newer releases, this eyeshadow palette comes in sleek black cardboard packaging with the Morphe logo on the front. If you have a lot of Morphe 18 pan palettes that look like this, they might be hard to distinguish but this is the only one I have of this size. Inside, you get a good sized mirror and one of those annoying plastic sheets with the shade names on.



This palette retails for £18 in the UK for 18 shades and 20.6g of product, which works out at just over 1g per shadow. Morphe are a mid-priced brand so this is what you’d usually pay for their palettes, but I did manage to buy this from their UK site on sale for around the £12 mark which is a great deal.



I haven’t seen anyone else saying this but it can’t be just me who sees the similarities to the Natasha Denona Gold Palette? From playing  altwith the shades a bit more, I can say that the Morphe is much more green-themed so I don’t think it’s intended as a dupe but it does still offer some bronze and gold tones. You get eight shimmer shades in the Morphe 18b and ten mattes. I am personally more of a shimmer fan because the eyeshadow I do tends to be quick shimmer on the lid and matte in the crease but the mattes in here are at least different from each other with greens, browns and yellows.




If you’ve used Morphe’s newer formula before you’ll know what to expect with this. The mattes are quite pigmented and blend without too much effort and the shimmers are pretty but nothing spectacular.


Without primer, the shadows fade within a few hours on me but I always use eye primer so I can get around 8 hours wear out of these. Because the shimmers are not super intense, they just fade a little so it’s not too noticeable.

Overall, I feel like this colour story adds something to my collection that I don’t have in other palettes so I’m glad I picked it up. Morphe palettes aren’t the best formula out there but I do think they’re fairly priced and an affordable alternative to drugstore eyeshadow. If you like this colour story, I think this is well worth having.

Available here from Boots (affiliate link)

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