Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette Review

Face palettes are a huge weakness of mine and with me trying to be more conscious of what I spend my money on, I have made a few more highend purchases recently. One of those included the Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette, and that’s what I’m going to review today.



The packaging is a pretty coral compact. It doesn’t look particularly luxurious but it doesn’t look cheap either. I think all Natasha Denona face palettes like this come in quite small compacts so it would be great for travel and also includes a mirror. Inside, you get four shades and I really love that they have the names/product type on the packaging and also it has a plastic tab to separate the creams from the powders and stop them getting too messy which I think such a cool idea.



The Natasha Denona Bloom Bush & Glow palette retails for £51 in the UK for 13.7g of product. I got mine with 20% off but it’s still crazy expensive for a fairly small amount of product. I feel like if you just want to try her face products the Natasha Denona Mini Bronze & Glow might be better.


You get two cream shades and two powder shades in this face palette.

  • Glow Cream Base is a sheer pinky champagne shimmer, a subtle glow on its own
  • Cream Blush is a very vibrant cherry blush- super pigmented but it’s a cream so blends easily
  • Glow Extreme is a very shimmery peachy champagne, lots of glitter particles and very glowy
  • Duo Glow is a golden peach shimmer blushy highlight shade, similar to Nars Orgasm





I find that I can layer all four shades together but it is very shimmery and glowy. If you have fair or light skin, these shades do look a bit intimidating but you can make it work with a very light hand. I like to dab the glow cream base on the high points of my face with my fingers, then apply the cream blush with a duofibre brush before using a highlighter brush or dense blush brush to apply the powder shades.



Because you can layer powder over a cream base so easily with this face palette, I find that I can make the glow last all day. If I just use the cream products alone, they don’t survive more than a few hours on me, which is typical of all cream products really. I do like the shimmery highlights in this palette because they still look nice after fading rather than just leaving a glitter explosion on my face.

Who should buy this?

If you get use out of face palettes, love to glow and the Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette is in your budget, then I do think it’s worth picking up. If you don’t like glitter or don’t reach for palettes like this, I don’t think this one is going to change your mind. At £51, it’s definitely an investment product for me but I do enjoy having it in my collection and can’t wait to use it for travelling.

Grab it from Look Fantasitc here (affiliate link)


6 thoughts on “Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette Review

  1. It looks stunning to look at but it’s a bit too shimmery for my tastes and the dark red is terrifying haha I’d never use that as a blush but I bet is stunning on the lips

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    1. Ooh I forgot to say that! It is pretty on the lips. I need to try and get a picture of it on my face but it’s not as scary as it looks, honest haha. It is incredibly glowy though. Pretty but not my day to day tastes

      Liked by 1 person

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