L’Oreal Skin Paradise Tinted Water Cream Review

Foundation reviews are rare around here because I favour a light coverage and natural finish. Expanding on their paradise line, the L’Oreal Skin Paradise Tinted Water Cream released recently and I’ve had time now to give it a go and let you know my thoughts.

L'Oreal Skin Paradise Tinted Water Cream Review


The L’Oreal Skin Paradise Tinted Water Cream comes in squeezy tube packaging. It’s very simple and functional but I love the water droplet design, showcasing that this is a hydrating product.


The tinted water cream retails for Ā£10.99 in the UK for 30ml. I would say L’Oreal products are fairly mid-priced, not the cheapest out there but still very affordable.


The shade selection is pretty terrible with only 10 shades available but I don’t think you need a perfect match with a product like this because of how well it blends into the skin. I have the shade Light 01 which does look a little too dark for me straight out of the tube but blends well with my skin and I don’t notice any oxidising.


Describing this as a tinted water cream is very accurate as it literally feels like water on the skin. It’s very liquidy so I prefer to apply it with a sponge or with my fingers. It blends very easily and definitely provides more of a skin tint than coverage which is what I prefer. The product contains SPF 20 which is nice but a little pointless and I’ve learnt not to rely on that and always use a separate SPF anyway.


I don’t notice any issues with the wear of this skin tint and it lasts all day on me over primer and my usual makeup. I do find that lighter coverage products are less noticeable when they start to fade and that’s possibly the case with this as it looks so natural.

Overall, I’m really pleased to have found a light coverage product like this that is affordable and easily accessible for me. I also love products like the Misha BB cream or Skin79 BB cream that are harder to get hold of or the super pricey Lumene Skin Tint. I don’t have any issues with my skin using this but I did note that fragrance is quite high up the ingredients list so it’s worth considering that if you are sensitive to fragrance.

Pick it up from Boots here (affiliate link)

4 thoughts on “L’Oreal Skin Paradise Tinted Water Cream Review

  1. I’m posting my review of this on Friday, but I really like it too. The shade range is awful I agree, I’m only able to buy it now because I’m self tanning. When I’m my natural colour all shades are either too warm or too dark.

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