Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Superstar Glow Highlighter Review

I adore Charlotte Tilbury products and was sucked in to pick up this highlight after seeing it get positive reviews and I was placing an order anyway. I believe the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Superstar Glow Highlighter is limited edition so I wanted to get this review up for you so you can decide if it’s worth picking up.


Like all Charlotte Tilbury packaging, this highlighter is stunning in its silver compact. The compact design is the same as her bronzer that come out earlier in the year but just in silver instead of gold. The compact is quite large and bulky but the pan size is very generous and you also get a big mirror in here. Like the bronzer, the highlight pan can also be popped out and presumably used for refills. I think she only does the bronzer pans as refills right now but I love the concept of the packaging being reusable.


This highlighter retails for £39 in the UK for 11.5g of product. Like all luxury makeup, that’s a big investment but also that’s a lot of product compared to others in my collection. Personally, I can’t imagine I’ll ever finish a whole highlight up but this will last a really long time even if you prefer to stick to one highlighter at a time.


Just like the 2019 limited edition highlight release, the Hollywood Superstar Glow is the only shade available. The shade is a light pinky peach with a golden sparkle to it. For my light/olive skintone, it’s a perfect shade but I’d be interested to see how it looks on deeper skin.


The swatches below show the CT highlight at the bottom compared to the most similar shades I found in my collection. It swatches more subtly than it applies but it’s not as pink-toned as it looks in the pan and is most similar to wet n wild Precious Petals.


This highlight has a very creamy, dense consistency. I first tried applying it with a small brush and felt like it was sitting on my skin way more than I was expecting given all the reviews saying it’s a natural glow sort of highlighter. I tried it again with a more dense brush and it looked a whole lot better. I would agree that it is a more subtle lit from within kind of highlighter but you can build it up if you want a more obvious glow.


The Hollywood Superstar Glow lasts around 8 hours on me over my usual makeup. Because it is more on the soft glow side, it fades really well and doesn’t leave sparkle behind.

Overall, this was a luxury treat myself purchase for me so if you already have a highlighter like this, you probably don’t need it but I don’t regret picking it up at all. There’s something I really enjoy about using Charlotte Tilbury products and I love this sort of subtle glow so I can see myself reaching for this a lot.

Pick it up from the Charlotte Tilbury site here

5 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Superstar Glow Highlighter Review

  1. I clearly need to stop buying from her haha, I’ve just made another order XD I think this highlighter is too gold for my tastes based on the fact I don’t like Precious Petals (I prefer the pinkier one, Blossom something).

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