elf Bitesize Eyeshadow Palettes Review

I haven’t tried much from elf but I wanted to pick up a couple of their eyeshadow quads after hearing a lot of good things about them. I have the Pumpkin Pie and Berry Bad elf Bitesize Eyeshadow Palettes and that what I’ll be reviewing for you today.


The eyeshadow palettes are housed in a standard plastic case with a clear lid so you can see the shadows inside. The quad is laid out in a horizontal rectangular shape rather than a sqaure common with quads. There’s nothing special about this packaging but it’s functional and doesn’t feel super cheap.


The bitesize eyeshadow palettes retail for £3 each in the UK for 3.5g of product. The comment I see most often about these is that they’re ‘good for the price’ which I think is true. If you’re looking for a drugstore eyeshadow quad, these are a good option as long as you don’t pick them up expecting high end quality.


Pumpkin Pie
Berry Bad


The elf eyeshadows apply very easily on the eyes and I feel like it’s hard to go wrong with these. There aren’t tons of looks you can create with four shades but the mattes and shimmers in both these palettes work very well together. I’ve always been happy with the eye looks I’ve got out of these shadows but they’re not anything special.

Overall, I think the bitesize eyeshadow palettes are fine but they didn’t wow me. If there’s a colourway you like and you just want something affordable and easy to apply, these are worth trying out but I can’t see them sticking around in my collection.

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