Colourpop Stone Cold Fox Palette Review

I’ve been meaning to do this Colourpop Stone Cold Fox Palette review since it released and I’m only just getting around to it now but at least I’ve had time to play with it and see what I think.

Colourpop Stone Cold Fox


There’s not a lot to say about the packaging. It’s a standard carboard palette but it does have a very pretty embossed effect on the front and the names of the shadows on the back. There is no mirror but what I love about Colourpop palettes is that they’re all magnetic so you can easily remove individual shadows or swap them around. Although a larger palette, it does feel very sturdy and is slim enough that I think you could use it for travelling without it taking up too much room.


Like Colourpop’s previous 30 pan palettes, Stone Cold Fox retails for $34 on their site. That works out as about £26 but with customs factored in, it’s about £31 for 33g of product. That’s 1.1g per shade which isn’t masses of product but it’s not like I use up eyeshadows all the time.


Stone Cold Fox is very much a cool toned netrual palette featuring mattes, shimmers and glitter mattes. There are no pressed glitters or supershock shadows in here which I’m glad about personally. What I’ve always liked with Colourpop palettes is that they know how to put a shade selection together and there’s everything a cool-toned lover could want in here from browns, taupes, pinks and mauves to greys and silvers without much shade repetition. I would have preferred more shimmers in place in some of the mid-tone transition shade mattes but that’s just my preference.

If you’re not into neutrals, you won’t like this but since getting it and having a play around with it, it’s all I’ve wanted to use in recent weeks and I feel like this is the palette my collection was missing.


If you’ve used a Colourpop palette before, the texture and application of these shadows is much the same quality. Some of the shades are quite powdery and create a bit of kick up in the pan so I would recommend using this before your base makeup but I don’t personally mind that. The shimmer formula is incredible as always and delivers buttery, foiled shadows that look great on the eye. The mattes take a bit longer to build up but I prefer that.


On me, these shadows last around 6 hours before showing signs of fading.

Overall, I think Stone Cold Fox delivers great value for money if you like cool tones and want a curated palette of every shade you’ll ever need, or if you’re like me and feel like your collection is missing these colours. If you already own these shades in something like the Natasha Denona Glam palette or even Colourpop’s previous smaller palettes of a similar vibe, you probably don’t need to pick this one up but I think it’s a great palette and I would definitely recommend if you’ve been considering it.

5 thoughts on “Colourpop Stone Cold Fox Palette Review

    1. Yeah I feel like it’s nothing new but it was worth adding to my collection because I don’t have anything else like it. I really wish they would get a UK distributor! My experience with their website has been fine but then I always have to make a big order to get free shipping which isn’t ideal.

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