Charlotte Tilbury Lunar New Year Lipsticks Review

So I wasn’t planning on picking the limited edition Charlotte Tilbury Lunar New Lipsticks up until I saw other reviews. As the lovely Mimi over at Blushy Darling joked, both of us are turning into Charlotte Tilbury review blogs these days but I thought it would be good to talk about these lipsticks so you can decide if you want to pick them up or not.


The brand released three lipsticks as part of the 2021 Lunar New Year collection. I picked up two of them- the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula in Sweet Blossom and the Matte Revolution in Lucky Cherry. The third shade is another matte revolution called Rose Wish but I decided not to pick that up as it looked pretty similar to Walk of No Shame which I already own.

Sweet Blossom is a peachy pink nude. Pinks and brown nudes look best on me but I actually really like the peach tones in this and can see it working for a lot of skintones.

Lucky Cherry is a bright red. At first, I worried it would be too similar to Red Carpet Red but it’s much brighter and lighter.


Charlotte Tilbury packaging is always very lux and pretty and I was really drawn to the limited edition red packaging. Unlike her usual lipstick releases, the Lunar New Year products are housed in a shiny red tube studded with rhinestones. In photographs, I think the case looks a little bit too blingy and tacky but in person, I’m a big fan. These cases are also refillable so you can pop the lipstick out and use it with any of her other refillable lipsticks which is great to see.

I never keep outer packaging but I love the matchbox style boxes these come in, which are also red and gold to match the theme.


The limited edition shades retail for ¬£28 each in the UK. That’s slightly more than a standard CT lipstick which annoys me but I suppose these are limited edition shades and packaging so you’re paying for that.


Both the matte revolution and kissing formula have the squared off shape which I find makes them so easy to apply. My other matte lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury are the same shape as this but my only kissing formula is Stoned Rose which has a standard lipstick shape so I’m glad to see the square shape for Sweet Blossom too.


On me, the matte revolution formula lasts surprisingly well through eating and drinking but I do feel like Lucky Cherry is a little bit staining and hard to remove when I’ve swatched it. The kissing formula is obviously glossier and transfers more but still lasts pretty well, only fading in the centre a little after eating.

Overall, I think these are gorgeous lipsticks if you like these Charlotte Tilbury formulas and want to own something from her limited edition collection. I am considering picking up the Rose Wish shade too…

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