Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo Review

I’m on a sort of no buy this year but the Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo is something I had my eye on for a while before it launched in the UK and I managed to grab it with my 10% off brand for life from Feel Unique plus a gift voucher I’d got.


Look at it! It might be the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen and I absolutely love it. The pink plastic case is full of glitter and hearts and sparkle. Inside, you get a mirror and the two pans of product that can be popped out and put in other palettes. Controversially, this face palette doesn’t have the plastic cover for the cream blush like other Natasha Denona palettes but the highlight is a baked gelato type formula so there isn’t a lot of powder fall out.


The Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo retails for £38 in the UK for 8.5g of the cream blush and 6g of the glow impact powder. I paid around £30 for it which I don’t think is too bad but obviously Natasha Denona is a very pricey brand so I do recommend waiting for a sale on this one. This face duo was released as part of her Valentine’s Day collection but I haven’t seen anything to say this is limited edition so I believe it will be permanent.


Glow impact powder- pink base with a golden peach shift

Cream blush- is a bright, warm pink (this shade was previously released in the Darya palette)


The cream blush applies easily every way I’ve tried it. I tend to use a stripping brush for this but it also applies well with a sponge or just tapped on with fingers. The shade is bright but you can control how much you apply and blend it out or build it up to your personal taste.

The highlighter has proved a little trickier to get the colour pay off shown in the swatch. With this type of gel powder formula, I find it’s best applied with a dense brush or it can be tapped into the cheekbones with a finger. I need to really press it onto my face and be quite heavy handed with it to get it to show any sort of colour. If I go in too light, it just looks like sparkle which is pretty but I really want that duo chrome shift like it appears in the pan.


On me, these products last about six hours over my usual makeup before starting to fade. The highlight does leave a bit of glitter trail behind but luckily it doesn’t leave my whole face sparkly, and the cream blush fades naturally.

To finish off, I think this face duo is worth picking up if you like these colours and these kind of formulas or if you really want to try something from Natasha Denona. I wish that the highlight showed up with more of the pinky tone like in the swatch but it’s a pretty highlight and blush duo nevertheless and I love displaying the fun packaging.

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