Barry M Hi Vis Eyeliner Review

I first picked up the Barry M High Vis Eyeliners when I got the High Vis Water Activated Liners which launched at the same time but I’m only just getting around to review these pencil eyeliners.


There’s not much to say about an eyeliner pencil but these are the plastic non twist up kind that you need to sharpen. I see a lot of questions around how you sharpen plastic eyeliner pencils but they sharpen just fine with a normal pencil sharpener.

I love that the colour of each eyeliner shade is shown on the tube and the solid block colours really stand out.


These eyeliners retail for £3.99 each in the UK for 1.2g of product. Like all Barry M products, that comes in as a very affordable price, and they’re often available on various offers from retailers like Boots, Superdrug and Look Fantastic.


If you’re looking for affordable neon eyeliners, the Barry M Hi Vis range has got you covered. There are six shades currently available:

Dangerous- bright purpe

Strobe Light- lime green

False Alarm- red

Riot- hot pink

Glow Stick- bright blue

Caution- deep blue


The Barry M eyeliners have a very creamy formula and swatch with amazing, bold colour pay off. They glide on and apply very smoothly in the waterline, but you do need to go over it a few times to get the vibrancy shown in the swatches.


On me, these eyeliners last all day with no smudging or fading. I do think they fade in vibrancy a little in the waterline but otherwise hold up pretty well.

Overall, these aren’t shades I reach for every day, hence why it took me so long to review them, but I think the Barry M Hi Vis collection offers some of the best affordable eyeliners in bright colours if that’s what you’re looking for and I recommend giving them a try.

8 thoughts on “Barry M Hi Vis Eyeliner Review

  1. Oooo these look so funky! I think I was a bit sceptical but the colours actually come out really vibrantly on your skin. I’d not seen these anywhere until your review but I’ve seen their Hi Vis nail varnish and was really tempted by a bright blue one. I don’t think I’d use these all that often either but there’s a part of me that really wants one in every colour anyway 😂 I bet their nail varnish and eyeliner would be awesome for a retro 80s night! Great review.

    Caz xx

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