Huda Beauty Brow Bombs Review

I am on a low buy this year but I go through brow products pretty quickly so I thought the Huda Beauty Brow Bombs Microshade pencil would be a good one to pick up and review. Let’s get into it!


The design and shape of the brow pencil is pretty cool but the packaging does seem very cheap. It feels lot lighter than I expected and is made of what feels like cheap plastic. I usually love buying highend makeup because the whole experience and packaging is usually better but this just doesn’t feel luxury to me.


Brow Bombs retails for £15 in the UK for 0.023g of product. Brow pencils don’t tend to contain a lot of product but that is a really tiny amount. To put it in perspective, that’s smaller than Benefit’s travel sizes, for comparison.


This micro brow pencil has 8 shades available from Warm Blonde to Soft Black. While that’s definitely not the worst brow shade selection out there, it could be improved to include more shades for red hair and more undertones would be nice to see.

I have dark hair and eyebrows but they’re also cool toned so a lot of matching shades look too warm on me. Shade 5 Medium Brown is described as being for natural brown hair with a mix of cool and warm undertones so I can just about get away with it but it’s not the best shade match I’ve ever tried.


I typically use the larger triangular brow pencils as I have quite sparse brows on the tails, but totally get it why people prefer a skinny brow pencil. If you are a micro brow pencil person, this is one of the smallest I’ve ever used which makes it easy to create those tiny hair-like strokes. I hardly ever use a spoolie on my brows but the one included on the other side of this is also quite skinny and nice. Because the nib is so small, I do find this is prone to breaking easily if I twist up too much product or apply too much pressure so that’s something to be aware of.


The wear time is what really stands out to me about the Huda brow pencil. My forehead area gets quite oily and a lot of brow products rub off quickly but this one really stands the test of time and lasts all day on me.


  • Lasts a long time without smudging or fading
  • Very tiny and precise nib
  • Good spoolie


  • Too expensive for the amount you get
  • Breaks easily
  • Cheap packaging

I think you would enjoy this if you struggle to find micro brow pencils that are precise enough but I do think the price should have been a lot less than £15 for the tiny amount of product in here so I would recommend waiting for a sale of discount code before picking this up.

If this type of product doesn’t interest you, I don’t think you’re missing anything by skipping Brow Bombs.

Available from Boots here (affiliate link)

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