Lumene Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint Review

It’s no secret that I love a skin tint and tend to prefer these kind of light coverage products over foundation these days. I’ve had the Lumene Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint for ages now and decided it was time to review it properly and share my thoughts.


The Lumene Invisible Illumination Skin Tint comes in a glass pot with a standard screw-top lid. I know this will put a lot of people off because you have to dip into the pot every time and it might not be the most sanitary application but I personally don’t mind it. It makes it feel more like a skincare product and I’m not sure how the gel-like texture would perform if it was in a tube or pump bottle.


Being Lumene, this skint tint retails for a pricey £32.90 in the UK for 30ml of product. It is frequently on offer at both Look Fantastic and Feel Unique but it really depends on your preferences as to whether that price is worth it to you.


The way this feels on the skin is one of the best things about it to me. Not only does it smell amazing, it leaves such a cool feeling on the skin that’s so refreshing and really makes this feel more like skincare. I tend to prefer to apply it with my fingers for the quickest and most natural blend but you can use a brush or sponge if you prefer.

I have the Medium shade out of the four available and I find it’s perfect for my skintone and blends in to the skin very easily. With a tint product like this, I don’t think there needs to be hundreds of shades but the selection does not cater to dark skin very well and needs to go a shade or two deeper IMO.


If you like a lot of coverage, this isn’t for you but I personally love natural skin and wearing skin tint and tinted moisturiser so this is my ideal base product. Because there’s so little coverage with this, it doesn’t noticeably disappear or go patchy. It just leaves my skin looking radiant for around the 6-8 hours mark, depending on what other products I use or what I’m doing.


  • Feels like a skincare/makeup hybrid product
  • Very natural skin-like finish
  • Cooling & refreshing


  • Poor shade range
  • Packaging may not be the most hygienic
  • Highend cost

Pick it up from Look Fantastic (affiliate link)

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