Revolution x Soph Super Spice Eyeshadow Palette Review

Popular Youtuber Sophdoeslife recently launched her third collection with Revolution including eyeshadow palettes, lip kits and highlighters. I picked up a few bits to try and will be sharing my thoughts on everything, starting with today’s review of the Super Spice Eyeshadow Palette.


In a change to her previous palettes with Revolution, the Super Spice Palette comes in cardboard rather than plastic packaging which is more environmentally-friendly. The design is very sleek and looks more luxurious than Revolution. Inside, you get a mirror and the shade names are written on the palette.


The Super Spice retails for £12 in the UK. I know that’s still considered affordable but I do think Revolution have really hiked their prices up over the last couple of years. Soph’s previous collaboration palettes with them have been £10 for more product so I think there needs to be a noticeable improvement in quality with this one for it be worth the extra cash. This palette contains 18 shades at 0.9g of product each.


One thing I didn’t realise was that most of this palette is matte with only 5 shimmer shades but I do think Soph has done well to create a colourful palette that still looks wearable to my personal neutral tastes and suits a variety of people whether you love a rainbow eye or you’re more a one colour lid person.

Soph Super Spice palette swatches
  • To Be Fair– White matte, not super pigmented but I like that she included a white
  • Mirrorball– Metallic gold shimmer, not super sparkly but a pretty shimmer
  • Cookie Dough– Soft brown matte, love this neutral brown, this was in her previous palette
  • Frere– Iridescent teal shimmer, very soft putty-feeling shimmer but more muted than it looks in the pan
  • Blue Lagoon– Bright blue matte- packs a lot of pigment
  • Lockdown– Lilac matte, really disappointing shade, lacks pigment and just becomes dusty
  • Not Gonna Lie– Metallic bronze shimmer, gorgeous sparkle, would look at home in the Natasha Denona Bronze palette
  • Sunshine– Bright yellow matte, good pigment for a yellow and very vibrant
  • Cocktail– Orange matte, good pigment
  • Dreamy– Duochrome lilac shimmer, this is my favourite shade, works well with the palette
  • Maman– Medium green matte, really unusual green
  • Festive– Deep green shimmer, not my favourite but very pretty shimmer
  • Extra Spice– Deep red matte, swatches well and blends well with the other bright mattes
  • Lover– Bright pink matte, very pigmented and bright
  • Cereal– Warm brown matte, deep chocolatey shade, complements the other browns well
  • Papa– Berry purple matte, more pigmented than I expected, very rich colour
  • Brownies– Deep brown matte, another shade from a previous palette, good for deepening
  • Night Owl– Black matte, pretty good black for a Revolution palette


I’ve found the best way to apply these shadows is to really pack them on first before starting to blend. A lot of them are listed as pressed pigments and have the eye safe warning on the back of the packaging so that’s probably why they perform that way. They also work better and look more vibrant over a tacky eye primer in my opinion.

The shimmers apply best with a finger or a wet brush as they just look more foiled that way. The bronzey shade Not Gonna Lie and the duchrome Dreamy perform the best for me but the mattes are all pretty decent too. The only shade I was really disappointed with is the matte lilac because it just barely shows up no matter how hard I dig into it and just goes dusty when I try to build it. If you just want it to blend out deeper shades, it does the job but it’s not as good as the bright shades in the palette.


Over primer, these last around 7-8 hours on me. I haven’t noticed any glitter fallout from the shimmers so that’s good, they just start to fade in intensity so it’s not too noticeable.

Overall, I think Soph has done a great job with this palette and I really wanted to support her. If you’ve tried Revolution’s eyeshadow formula before, I think these feel pretty much the same sort of quality so I do think this should have been £10 rather than £12 but I do like it and there are some really unique shades in here.


  • Great colour story
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Cruelty free


  • £12 is a bit steep for Revolution
  • Some shades are better than others

Available from Beauty Bay here or Revolution here (affiliate links)

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