Revolution x Soph Lip Kit Review Shade Candy Icing

Part two of my Revolution x Soph collection is a review of the lip kit in the shade Candy Icing. Soph release two lip kits as part of her latest collaboration with Revolution, Toffee Drizzle and Candy Icing. I have the lighter, pinkier shade of the two.


The tinted lip balm looks very sleek in a tall gold tube with twist-up style packaging. The lipliner is a standard plastic type liner that we’ve seen Revolution do before. The products come together in an outer cardboard box.


The lip kits retail for £8 in the UK for 0.9g of product in the lip balm and 1g of product in the lipliner. As far as I know, there are no plans to release these separately so you have to buy both the lipliner and the balm. Personally, I appreciate that a tinted lip balm is something new for Revolution so I quite like the idea of the lip kit but 1g of product is very tiny and I know that I will use this up much quicker than the liner because of reapplying etc. By comparison, the Nars tinted lip balms retail for £22 but contain 3g of product.


The lipliner is exactly the same formula as any Revolution liner as far as I can tell. If you’ve used one before, you’ll know that they are very creamy and pigmented. The tinted lip balm is very glossy and hydrating. On its on, the Candy Icing shade is a very sheer pink but you can apply it over the lipliner if you want more pigment. Both products glide on smoothly and are very easy to use.

Lip balm, liner, both together


Obviously a lip balm isn’t going to last, though I do think the liner holds up well. It’s easy to reapply but I think I would use this up in days if I reapplied every time I ate or drank.

Overall, I think this was a really clever idea and I’m glad they did something different but the product amount is just way too small for the price and I feel like I can’t repurchase this unless they release separates.


  • Great concept
  • Both products apply really nice and the colour is stunning


  • Tiny product amount
  • Can’t purchase separately

Pick this lip balm up here from Beauty Bay or here from Revolution (affiliate links)

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