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Disney Inspired Makeup Look: Christmas Party Belle

It’s been ages since I did a makeup look and even longer since I added to my Disney inspired makeup series. But it’s nearly Christmas so I thought why not combine that with one of my favourite Disney princesses- Belle from Beauty and the Beast and create a Christmas party Disney inspired look! I wanted glowy… Continue reading Disney Inspired Makeup Look: Christmas Party Belle

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Full Face of Highend Makeup: Natural Glam

I didn’t intend to do a full face of highend makeup but I wanted to share some kind of makeup look with you lovelies to test out my new phone camera and, after doing my brows and eyes, I realised I’d used products on the pricier side so continued with that as the theme of… Continue reading Full Face of Highend Makeup: Natural Glam

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Green Glitter Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

I sat down to do a festival inspired look and somehow ended up as a mermaid! I’m not sure if this is something I’ll be recreating but I’ve listed the products and how to do it below if you’re interested in becoming a sparkly green mermaid! To create this look you will need: illuminating primer,… Continue reading Green Glitter Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

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Google Picks my Makeup Challenge

I’ve seen this floating around on YouTube- I think it might have come from NikkieTutorials originally but a few people have tried it and, as I haven’t done a makeup challenge in ages, I wanted to try too! So, this works by typing your initials followed by the word ‘look’ into a Google image search and picking… Continue reading Google Picks my Makeup Challenge