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Halloween Makeup Essentials

Literally as soon as it was October, I was ready to turn my blog into Halloween central! It’s probably still technically a little bit early but I have so much planned, starting with my top essentials for perfect Halloween and costume makeup! First up, let’s talk palettes. The ones I’ve chosen are both by Makeup Revolution- the… Continue reading Halloween Makeup Essentials

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Top Ten Autumn Favourites

To fill in those can-I-post-about-halloween-yet moments, I decided to share some of my favourite products for autumn with you! Barry M Molten Metals Nail Paint in Copper Mine I got this polish during the summer (Barry M Molten Metals review) and loved it then but now shimmering copper nails can match my autumn makeup! ColourPop… Continue reading Top Ten Autumn Favourites

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No Makeup Pamper Day Essentials

On makeup-free days, or even just when I take my makeup off on an evening, I like to treat myself with some pamper essentials. Here are some of my faves: Naissance Castor Oil (£4.49, Amazon) I’ve talked about the benefits of castor oil before but it really does wonders for my brows and lashes! This… Continue reading No Makeup Pamper Day Essentials

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What’s in my Handbag: August 2017 Edition

Normally when I see these ‘What’s in my Handbag?’ posts, they’re about the essentials that you have to carry around with you. Unfortunately for my poor makeup, most of the items that end up chucked inside my bag are there just because I’ve evicted them from my makeup collection for whatever reason. I almost never… Continue reading What’s in my Handbag: August 2017 Edition

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Full Face Products I Don’t Like & Tips for Using Products

We all know the disappointment of trying out a product and not liking it, or finding that something you used to love just isn’t as amazing as you thought it was. I’ve seen YouTube videos of people doing a full face of disliked makeup and have adapted the idea so you can see how I… Continue reading Full Face Products I Don’t Like & Tips for Using Products