Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara Review

I’ve been meaning to write up review of the Pat McGrath FetishEyes mascara for so long now that the brand has since released a new mascara. Since this one is still available and (spoiler alert) I’ve been loving it, I decided it was still worth sharing my thoughts with you.


The FetishEyes mascara comes in a plain glossy black tube with sleek gold lettering. It’s nothing special but I feel like it also looks very simple and classic. Pat McGrath is known for pretty outer packaging and often unnecessary sequins, and this mascara is still supplied in a blue foiled plastic sleeve so I really hope recyclable packaging is something they take on board in the future.


FetishEyes retails for £27 in the UK for 8ml of product, which is a standard mascara size. In comparison, her newer DarkStar release is the same price for 13ml of product which sounds like quite a lot more but I’m not sure of how the formulation affects that as FetishEyes is quite a dry mascara.


The mascara wand is a large dense natural bristle type brush that’s all the same shape so there’s no tapered end. I personally like this type of brush best and find it gives my lashes an even coat without being too tricky to get to the edges or do my bottom lashes.

I do have decent natural lashes so most mascaras perform okay on me but I have to say that Pat McGrath delivers here. I hate having to wiggle the brush around and apply multiple coats to get my lashes how I want them, and FetishEyes gives me the dramatic volume look I love without much effort.

One thing worth mentioning about the application is that this mascara has a pretty strong floral perfume scent that I don’t love. It’s not noticeable once it’s on my lashes but I thought it was odd for a mascara.


Weirdly, I feel like this mascara looks incredible when it’s first applied but loses some of its dramatic impact by the end of the day. It doesn’t flake or smudge which is a bonus for me but the intensity seems to fade slightly after around 8 hours wear. While I can confirm that this mascara is definitely not life-proof, it’s perfect for me and removes easily too.

My current favourite mascara is the Lancome Monsieur Big because of how well it lasts once I open the tube. While I love drugstore mascaras like L’Oreal Lash Paradise, it dries up quickly so I feel like I get better value with the Lancome one. So far, the Pat McGrath is holding up and hasn’t dried out so I think it could be a contender for a new favourite!

Pick it up here from the PMG website

Have you tried this mascara?

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