Guide to Buying Primark PS…Beauty Products

If you live somewhere with a Primark near you, you probably know someone who pulls a face of disgust whenever you mention the cute new handbag you picked up from there.

Everyone has their own reasons why they choose to shop or not shop somewhere but I feel like Primark snobbery has only increased since they upgraded their PS… beauty range and now sell tons of makeup, skincare and beauty accessories.

Primark guide 03

I have a friend with big opinions on how awful the quality must be, despite never trying anything and have actually overheard comments from people shopping there who say things like, “Ooh no I wouldn’t use cheap foundation!”

Plus, there’s always going to be those products that don’t work for you and put you off, which is something that happens with all brands.

Anyway…I’ll stop ranting now and get on with my guide to shopping in Primark!

The stores can be chaos

This is more of a tip for shopping in Primark in general but it applies to the makeup, too. Primark stores have a reputation for being like a chaotic jumble sale with ransacked shelves and products strewn all over the place. I find this isn’t as much of an issue in smaller stores but they do stock fewer products. With larger stores, I’d recommend getting there early when everything is still where it should be!

Image result for primark
Image from Primark

Stock sells out fast

Unlike other brands, Primark release new beauty ranges all the time and I’ve rarely seen them get replaced once the stock is gone. This might be something that changes as their beauty range grows but, for now, I’d say pick it up while you can!

Make sure you’re getting a sealed product

My local Primark do put out testers for most of their products but the shelves can get very messy as I mentioned earlier so people do tend to open the packaging. I also like to make sure I’m getting the best product available so look for the cleanest packaging etc.

Primark guide 01

Be careful with reduced products

Primark treat their beauty products the same as their clothing range so end of line products, products that aren’t selling and products that are being rebranded, repackaged, reformulated etc. could all find themselves in the discount pile.

I have picked up a couple of bargains here but always try to remember than they’ve been reduced for a reason (i.e. a better formula could be in the works.)

Think about it

When shopping in Primark in general, it’s so easy to throw everything in your basket because it’s so cheap! But half of the time, I just end up decluttering or wasting that bronzer I bought because it was only £2…

Make sure you consider if you actually need something (do we ever need it?) and if you’d use it.

So that’s all my tips! I hope you found this post useful- let me know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like me to cover.

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