4 Reasons to Polish Your Grammar

Not everyone is a natural writer. When it comes to blogging, there’s nothing wrong with that because you’re doing what you love and your writing style will grow with your blog.

But does it pay to learn the rules of apostrophes? Read on for my top reasons why you should polish your grammar for your blog…

Reasons to polish your grammar

Good grammar makes your blog look professional

You’ve upped your photography game and got a snazzy new theme for your blog. Everything looks like a professional website, but is your grammar still letting you down? Think about brands who might be scrolling through your posts before they ask about working with you. Not everyone is going to run at the sight of a misused apostrophe, but brand marketing and PR want to work with people who can produce the best quality content to promote their products. Make sure you’re not giving them any reasons to click on that back button.

Keep readers on your site

Most people won’t judge you and many won’t even notice if you make a typo or misplace a comma, but I’m sorry to say I am one of those judgey people who cringes when I spot a blatant grammar mistake like mixing up ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ or ‘their’ and ‘there.’ I am not proud of myself but I have left a website before for things like that so I’m sure there are other people like me!

Make a strong impression

Whatever reason you’re putting your content out there, you want to ensure your message stays strong. Making too many grammar mistakes can dilute your content and leave readers confused at what points you’re trying to make. If you’re taking your time to create beautiful content and stunning photography, why not polish your writing to really make the most of every blog post.

Keep Google on your side

If readers don’t judge you, there’s a chance that Google and other search engines might. When it comes to SEO and ranking your site, it’s possible that search engines might use those grammatical mistakes against you. The aim of Google’s ranking algorithm is to show users the best content to answer their search query, so it makes sense that it would favour a well-crafted piece above something which is poorly written. This is not a proven fact, however, and I think it’s more likely that humans are put off your site, leading to high bounce rates and lower rankings.

Those are my top reasons to invest in polishing your grammar. The next steps are definitely to consider how you can do that so I’ll get a blog up on that soon! Is there anything else on this subject you’d like me to cover?

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