2018 Empties: What I’ve Learnt

This idea is a complete rip-off of what Rachael did here so do go check that out!

2018 is my first complete year of blogging, and my first complete year of empties posts. So I combined that with my love of putting data into spreadsheets and charts and analyses everything I used up!

I used up 254 items in total, including samples and multipacks etc. as single items.

This is my analysis:

I said no to repurchasing most things I tried

While the stats below show that it was pretty even, and I had far more maybes than I thought, I tried so many things that I don’t intend to repurchase. Not everything was because of not liking a product but often I said I wouldn’t repurchase something if it was on the pricier side. I think this tells me that I need to hold off on buying expensive products without doing my research, and that I need to limit what I do buy.


I use up more skincare than anything else

This didn’t come as a shock to me, nor was it surprising that haircare featured so low because of the balance of products I own. I still have a long way to go to clear out my collection of skincare products but I’m quite impressed at how much makeup I got through.


I use way too much bubble bath

I could see this one coming too as I seem to constantly be buying it. I’m pretty heavy on body scrubs, shower gel and body wash too but it’s the moisturising category- body lotions and body butters I need to focus on this year.


I use a variety of skincare products

I think my obsession with trying new skincare products has contributed to the year-long breakout I’ve had and the stats show that I don’t really use up a whole lot of anything


I need to stop buying foundation

I already knew that I’m not a big lover of foundation but I think the only thing I got through last year was a sample of the Skin79 BB Cream, so not really even a foundation. The data does show that I get through plenty of brow products, primer, concealer and setting spray so I don’t feel too bad about buying those, but I would like to stick to one or two brow products that I really love in 2019.


I’m really not into hair

This one was obvious. The only reason shampoo features so highly is because of the rate I use up Neutrogena T-Gel. At £6.99 a bottle, I’d love to find a cheaper alternative but I just don’t think anything else currently on the market compares.


Hopefully this will impact on what I buy in 2019! You can view my empties spreadsheet here

Amber x



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