Eyeshadow Palette Collection

Eyeshadow palettes are my number one weakness when it comes to excessive buying. I have some self control with other makeup products because I know I can’t use them all up before they expire. When I see a palette I like, there’s no way I’m going to wait until I’ve used my others up before I buy!

I realised it was becoming a problem when I did my dressing table tour post and decided to share my full collection with you!


La Roc Beginner’s Collection 120 Colour Palette (£7.99, Amazon)

I got this cheap Amazon palette mostly for costume makeup as and experiments as it has a lot of bright shades and I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I don’t use much.

Freedom Pro Artist Pad Extreme Vice (£7.50, Tam Beauty)

I got this in my Tam Beauty Haul and haven’t really got much use out of it. It’s a complete palette that you could get numerous looks out of but there’s not really any standout shades.


Urban Decay Moondust Palette (£36, Feel Unique)

This is my first UD purchase and unfortunately I received a faulty product as two of the shades are identical! They’re nice to add a bit of sparkle to your look but I am put off buying anything else from them as I’ve never had a faulty eyeshadow palette before!

PS…Glitter Obsessed Palette (£4, Primark)

I was swayed by all the pretty glitters in this but it’s quite disappointing as it’s just like a top layer of glitter. It was only £4 though and it’s okay for experimenting with glitter.

Zoeva Mixed Metals Palette (£18, Beauty Bay)

I have a full review of this palette here as the unusual shade selection makes it a great choice for trying out different looks but it’s not an everyday palette for me.


Make Up Revolution Flawless Resurrection 3 (£8, Superdrug)

Ive gone off my MUR palettes a bit recently but I used to love the everyday shades in this and the rose gold packaging is beautiful!

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Welcome to the Pleasuredome (£4, Tam Beauty)

I posted a review of this palette after receiving it in my mystery bag from my Tam Beauty Haul. It’s not my favourite but I can create some really interesting looks with this and it retails for just £4!

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever (£8, Superdrug)

This was one of the first additions to my collection when I started my blog. I don’t use it much as I’ve discovered better palettes since but there are some nice colours.


Delanci 9 Colour Palette (£8.99, Amazon)

I bought this after being impressed with the Morphe-type palette and the shades are really different. I forget to use this much but I’m always impressed when I do wear these shades! I’m considering depotting this as the colours would go nicely in my custom palette.

MUA 6 Colour Palette Rusted Wonders (£3.50, Superdrug)

I talked about this palette in my budget beauty buys post as it retails for just £3.50 and the shades are so me! I don’t use it much for everyday but it’s a good travel option if you like shimmers.

PS…Master Eye Palette (£6, Primark)

I got this to try the Primark eyeshadows as I’d heard good things but haven’t been impressed by their makeup range so far. It’s actually better than I thought and the colours are beautiful.

Morphe 12S Soul of Summer Palette (£13, Beauty Bay)

This 12 shade palette was my first Morphe purchase and the colour selection is really cute and a bit different to my other palettes. I think this will be a good travel companion for me too as I can create different looks and it’s compact for travelling.


Morphe 35F Fall into Frost Palette (£22.50, Beauty Bay)

The shades in this palette are stunning, though I haven’t had chance to play around with this much yet.

De’lanci 35B and 35F (£12.67, Amazon)

I have two Morphe dupe palette from Amazon. The colours aren’t my favourite in the brown-toned palette but the reds and golds are beautiful. Another option for depotting!


I Heart Chocolate Palette Vice (£7.99, Superdrug)

This is one of my go-to everyday palettes as the colours are great and I get a lot of use out of this.

I Heart Makeup Faux Fur Naked Underneath (£7.99, Superdrug)

This is another of my favourite colour selections for everyday wear and the faux fur packaging is stunning and so unusual!


Sleek I Divine Original (£8.99, Boots)

This Sleek palette is great for adding a pop of colour to everyday makeup!

Sleek I Divine All Night Long (£8.99, Boots)

The shades in this palette looked right up my street but they’re not as intense as some of my other palettes so I don’t use this one much.

Sleek I Divine Arabian Nights (£8.99, Superdrug)

The colours in this aren’t my usual style but I think I was swayed by the limited edition!


BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes 1 & Foil Eyes 2 (£13, Beauty Bay)

These are great foil shadow palettes that I never see anyone talking about! The mixture of colours is perfect with everything from brights to neutrals and I love experimenting with these.

20170906_182233Z Palette

I only have a few Makeup Geek pans and a couple of NYX shadows in my Z Palette so far (plus that glitter) but I’m excited about building my own collection!

So that’s everything! What do you think? Do I have a palette problem?

If you want to see full reviews/makeup looks on any of the palettes, let me know! x

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