Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers Review

Liquid eyeshadows are really popular right now, and Barry M recently released both their liquid jewels range and these holographic eyeshadow toppers.


The Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers are available in four shades, which are really more duochrome than holographic but I feel like tons of products are named this way.

  • Supernova – green & gold
  • Asteroid – blue & pink
  • Luna – purple & blue
  • Stardust – pink & purple




These are really cute and tiny and come in clear containers so you can clearly see which shade you’re reaching for. The black lid holds a small flat applicator.



These retail for £4.99 in the UK, which is reasonable but it doesn’t seem like there’s much product in here.



I find the best way to apply these is to pat them on with the applicator as they can smudge away if I tried to blend with a brush. They are quite sheer if worn alone and need some building up but they work well over other eyeshadows and I guess they are meant to be toppers!

It helps to keep your eye closed when applying until they dry because stay glitter can transfer to your crease otherwise, but they dry pretty quickly. On me, they do sting a little bit when first applied but I’m not sure if that’s normal because it happens with all liquid eyeshadows.


I haven’t tried these with a glitter primer yet but with normal eye primer and over eyeshadow, they last all day on me and don’t crack like some liquid shadows can. The glitter does fade a little bit and can result in some glitter fallout but I think a glitter primer might help with that.


I think these are nice if you’re on a budget for adding a touch of sparkle to your look. They’re really pretty and I found them easy to work with. They don’t compare to something like the Stila Magnificent Metals but the four shades are fun and creative for me and I’d say they’re worth the money- though I still haven’t figured out how much product is actually in here so not sure how long they’ll last.

Have you tried the Barry M holographic eyeshadow toppers before? x

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      1. I swear by the Makeup Forever stick foundation for cosplay 😁 I also think when you want your makeup to last all day, then it’s about all the other products in your routine too, so I have a set of products that aren’t changing any time soon 🙂 x

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