Revolution x Soph Extra Spice Palette Review

It’s taken me a while to get around to reviewing the Revolution x Soph Extra Spice palette When Soph first announced it on her channel, I was rushing to Superdrug to make sure I grabbed one before it went out of stock but since then, I’ve hardly used it.

The Extra Spice palette was released following the success of her previous collaboration with Revolution last year, and this time she also released three new lipsticks of which I only bought one shade.


When I first got this and had a play around with it, I was surprisingly disappointed with the pigment on some of the shades. The bright matte yellow and orange tones didn’t look anything near as colourful as they did in Soph’s video and this palette was quickly pushed to the back of my drawer.

Having seen nothing but positive reviews for this palette, I pulled it back out recently to have another go and was way more impressed this time.



The packaging is gorgeous mirrored rose gold and I was excited to see a large mirror inside and the shade names are this time written on the palette itself and not on one of those annoying plastic sheets that everyone loses.


This retails for £10 which is the same price as her previous palette, but you do get fewer shades. Personally, I still think it’s great value for money.


Ignore the splodgy bit in the middle- that was me trying to move the stencil and not the eyeshadow’s fault!

Revolution x Soph Extra Spice swatches


I feel like some of the shades do apply better than others but I think that’s the case with all palettes. I’m actually obsessed with the browns and transition shades more than anything but there are some really great standout colours like the bright red twenty one and the silver shimmer Infinity that I don’t own in other palettes. The shades blend nicely together and I like that you can create a look with just about any colour.



If you’ve used other Revolution palettes, I think the formula is just as good and I can get a decent 6+ hours worth of wear out of these.


If your collection is missing colours like these, it’s definitely worth investing in. Although there are a lot of warm tones, it’s a very versatile palette that can be used for makeup looks ranging from popping to the shops all the way to full-blown glam.

If you only buy one of the two Soph collaboration palettes, I would probably recommend this one over her first offering. I’m glad I gave this palette another chance!

What are your thoughts on the Extra Spice palette? x

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