Current Skincare Faves

I really want to feature more skincare on my blog but I try a lot of things and skincare reviews can be difficult as it takes time to see what the effects are on my skin. Since I have a few new skincare faves, I thought I’d do mini reviews of everything I’m loving right now.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links but is not sponsored and all opinions are my own*

Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

(£7.32, Amazon)


I think it was Steph Thoms on YouTube who I first saw talking about this cleansing oil. I love vitamin C products but typically hate cleansing oils so I only decided to give this a chance when I saw it for just £4.99 in my local TK Maxx. This oil doesn’t feel greasy or sticky on the skin and turns into a milky consistency when combined with water. Added to that, it smells incredible and does a good job at removing makeup, this is something  I’m reaching for a lot at the moment.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream

(£36, Look Fantastic)


This post has been sitting in my drafts so long, I fear that this eye cream isn’t working as well for me as it did when I first got it. This happens to me with literally every eye cream I try which is so frustrating. Does anyone else get that? Anyway, I’m still including it in this list because it’s pricy but it’s the only eye cream I’ve used that’s done anything at all for the fine lines under my eyes and I would still recommend it if you’re looking for an eye cream for that purpose.

SVR Physiopure Micellar Water

(£11, Look Fantastic)


I use micellar water a lot for taking off Instagram makeup and sometimes just for cleaning my face if I’m too lazy to use a proper cleanser. I got this on recommendation from MakeMeUpMissa on YouTube who talked about it being the best micellar water ever in one of her videos. It’s on the pricier side for micellar water but I really recommend if you can get it cheap enough. It smells incredible, I love the pump packaging and it just gets everything off my face in no time.

PRAI Ageless Throat & Decolletage Cream

(£24.99, Look Fantastic)


I’ve talked about this product before when I had a mini of it. I wish the full size came in the same sparkly packaging as the mini but this stuff is seriously amazing. I know it sounds a bit extra to have a cream just for my neck but this just helps to soften the skin and improve the appearance of lines and neck creases for me.

Lancome Tonique Confort

(£26, Look Fantastic)


A mini of this toner convinced me to pick up the full-sized product after only a few uses. I can’t say yet whether it’s worth the price but Lancome are my favourite luxury brand and this toner is super hydrating. The bottle says it’s for dry skin which I think it would work for but my skin is actually more on the oily side but dehydrated so this also works great for me.


K-Beauty Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask

(no longer online, sorry!)


This is a bonus mention as I can no longer find it but I picked this night cream up from Avon and was impressed by how well it performs for its small price tag. It’s a thick cream in texture and isn’t too dissimilar to the much-hyped and substantially more expensive M&S Formula Absolute Night Cream. This is from a line of Korean skincare products which usually offer good results on my skin and I would definitely recommend if you can find it.

That’s all the skincare I’m loving at the moment. Let me know your recommendations in the comments!

Amber x


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