I Heart Revolution Banana Split Primer Review

I first picked up the I Heart Revolution Banana Split primer when it release along with a bunch of other primers all in this kind of cutesy ice cream parlour vibe. The product is described as a radiance primer with vitamin C and E but does it hold up to my favourite radiance primers?

I Heart Revolution Banana Split Primer


The squeezy tube packaging looks really cute and is in line with the I Heart Revolution brand. I do find with this kind of tube packaging it’s very easy to accidentally squeeze out too much product


This primer retails for £6 in the UK for 27ml of product. That’s just slightly less than the standard 30ml so I think it’s a very affordable option. Available here from the Revolution site (affiliate link).


As a radiance primer, this is a lot more shimmery and illuminating than I was expecting. It’s very similar to something like the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter or the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow.

Banana Blur Primer swatch

It gives a nice shimmer to the skin but it’s nothing too extreme- you could get away with wearing this alone but I think it looks best with a light coverage foundation or BB cream on top. Anything heavier and you can’t really see the effects and without any coverage, you might look a little too shiny.

It does have a banana scent- a lot like nostalgic banana sweets which is cute but I feel like it doesn’t suit the actual type of product this is at all? Once blended in, the scent doesn’t linger so that’s good.


I don’t think this does anything to extend the wear of my makeup but it wears nicely and gives my skin a healthy shimmery glow. Compared to the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, I don’t really see any difference with this much cheaper product and both look the same on my face with and without makeup.

Who should buy this primer?

If you like an illuminating primer or you’re seeking an affordable dupe of the high-end options I mentioned above, the I Heart Revolution Banana Split primer is a great choice. I feel like this product might have been more popular if it was released under one of their other brands without the gimmicky name, scent or packaging but I’m pretty sure they do duplicate products between brands so let me know if there’s another Revolution brand glow primer like this already.

6 thoughts on “I Heart Revolution Banana Split Primer Review

  1. I don’t really like this brand (I don’t like that they copy other brands) but I do really want the CT Flawless Filter and that’s way out of my budget. So I might give this a go


    1. This is more like CT Wonder Glow than Flawless Filter (Flawless Filter is 😍😍😍 but Wonder Glow is just an illuminating primer which is what this is). I’ve gone off the Revolution brands recently just because they constantly release things under all their different brands that are just the same thing and it’s pointless 😟

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