Primark PS…Liquid Shadow Duo Review

So I fond these ‘new’ Primark liquid eyeshadows in my waiting to be reviewed pile recently and remembered that I actually picked them up from the giant Primark store in Birmingham just before lockdown in March. And I’m just getting around to writing up a proper review of the PS…Liquid Shadow Duos…oops.



I think it’s fair to say these shadow duos were more than a little inspired by Huda’s very similar Matte & Metal liquid shadows. They have that gorgeous black gradient effect on the double-ended tube with one side containing the matte liquid shadow on a doe foot style applicator and the other the more shimmery side on an eyeliner type brush.



The PS…Liquid Shadow Duos retail for £3 each for 2 x 2ml of product. That doesn’t sound like a lot of product but it’s the same amount as the Huda version for £19 cheaper so these are obviously very affordable.



I picked up all four of the shades that were available at the time I visited the store. As with all Primark makeup, it’s impossible to tell if they only make these four shades or if there just wasn’t a full selection on the shelves. The shades I have are:

Dream Boat– pale pink matte & rose gold shimmer

Smoke Out– black matte & silver shimmer

Game Changer– green matte & mint shimmer

Double Date– this is missing its sticker but I think this is the shade name, brown matte & bronze shimmer




These are way more pigmented than I was expecting, especially the matte shades and they apply to the eye fairly easily with the applicator. I do have limited eyelid space so products like this can get messy for me but I find they do blend well with a brush too.

Where I struggled was in getting the matte and shimmer formulas to layer together. I’m not patient enough to wait for them to dry properly and they can clump together if I apply the shimmer while the matte is still wet.

I like wearing the matte shades on their own too but both blend well and the shimmer can be worn as an eyeliner if you’re more talented than me.


On me, these last about 4 hours before the shimmer starts to fade. The mattes on their own are a bit longer lasting. I haven’t had any issues with cracking if I’ve applied them properly so the fade isn’t too noticeable.

Overall, I think these are decent liquid eyeshadow duos for the price if you have a Primark near you. They’re not something I would reach for all the time just because I favour quickness when it comes to applying my makeup but I think these are really pretty shades and they do look nice if you spend a bit of time working with them.

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