Full Face of Essence Cosmetics

I really enjoyed doing this with my full face of Primark makeup post so I wanted to try out another super cheap brand. I don’t know how accessible Essence is in other countries but in the UK, it’s only sold in Wilkinsons stores or online and is one of the most affordable brands out there.

Spoiler: this is how it turned out


Brows: I only have the Make me Brow Gel from Essence (£2.50), so I did use my Makeup Revolution pencil first to shape out my brows. I like the tiny brush on this gel but I don’t like the overall look as much as my L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper.

Foundation: Essence Camouflage 2in1 Makeup and Concealer (£3.80)

This gives decent coverage considering it’s so lightweight but I wasn’t a fan of the finish, it sort of clung to my texture but a lot of foundation do, to be fair. I have the shade Ivory Beige and I think I managed to make it work but the shade range is atrocious.

Concealer: Essence Colour Correct Liquid Concealer Yellow (£2.50)

I only picked up the colour corrector concealer to brighten my under eyes. I think it worked pretty well but it’s such a thin consistency, I think you would need to use a lot of product to have any hope of covering really dark circles.

Powder: Essence All About Matt Fixing Powder (£3)

I’ve had this powder a while and I know I loved it when I first bought it but I haven’t been reaching for it recently. It does the job of setting everything in place and mattifying my face.

Blush: Essence Matt Touch Blush Peach Me Up (£1)

This £1 blush is a winner for me! I love peach blush and this one is a gorgeous shade. I don’t wear blush every day but this is something I’ll go for when I do!

Highlight: Essence Strobing Highlighter Let it Glow (£3)

This is useless as a highlighter and barely shows up at all. I wet my brush and really went for it but still not much. It’s quite nice as a glowy face powder, though!


Eye Primer: Essence I Heart Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base (£2.50)

I’ve had this primer a while but I’ve been trying to use up others in my collection first. It seems to do a good job so I’m excited to use it properly.

Eyeshadow: Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow 02 (£3.50)

I picked two shades of the Metal Shock shadows up recently, a pink and a purple. I think they’re a nice alternative to the Stila ones if you’re on a budget and also they come in a more varied shade range. They don’t last long on the eyes in my experience so far but they sort of fade in intensity and they’re not too glittery so at least I didn’t end up with a glitter storm on my face!

Mascara: Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara (£3.30)

I love this mascara! It’s pretty clumpy but I don’t mind a bit of clump. On me, it gives me that falsies effect type of lashes.

Eyeliner: Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Say Hi Light

I can’t find this online anymore but I think it was around £1.50. It’s my only nude liner so I use it fairly often anyway.

Lips: Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss in Girl of Today (£2.30)

This is another product that I’ve had for a while and I used to love it because I didn’t have another shade like it. Now that I do, I rarely use it because the formula isn’t the best. Contradicting as it sounds, they really got this right when they called in a matt lipgloss. It’s matt but it transfers and fades off the lips quickly even if I’m not eating or drinking.




Overall, I was really impressed with everything and the only things I’d avoid is that highlighter and maybe the foundation. I probably wouldn’t rush out to buy the lipgloss again either, though it is a pretty shade!

What have you tried from Essence?

13 thoughts on “Full Face of Essence Cosmetics

  1. My faves from essence are their mascaras, nude highlight and they have some super kick ass blushes as well, I might try and do this challenge with joe fresh. (A supermarket brand from Canada) that’s pretty inexpensive as well

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    1. It’s really pretty I’m just not keen on the formula anymore 🙁 I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos on their new products but don’t think we’ve got them in the UK yet! Those are definitely the best products I’ve tried from them- can’t get over how cheap it is!

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