De’Lanci Nocturne Lip Palette Review

I haven’t had a lip palette like this since I was about 12, but I was curious when I spotted this on Amazon. In the same galaxy-themed packing as their Nocturne Eyeshadow palette, De’Lanci has released a lip palette which includes plenty of nudes, pinks, purples and reds and some more adventurous colours too!

What intrigued me most about this lip palette is that it says it can be used for face paint too. I’m obsessed with growing my costume makeup collection at the moment and thought this would make an excellent addition.

Delanci lip 01


This looks very similar to the eyeshadow palette with an outer cardboard sleeve and the same sort of design. It’s a cardboard palette with magnetic closure and you get a decent mirror inside which is handy. My first thoughts were how much better this feels than the eyeshadow palette. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to rip, the pans feel glued down better and it seems quite sturdy.

Delanci lip 03


This was £12.99 on Amazon at the time of purchase, which I think is reasonable for the product you get


As this is a palette, the best way to apply is definitely with a lip brush. They’re just as pigmented if you use a finger but it’s easier to control application with a brush.

On the lips, they look the same as a normal lipstick and have a satin matte finish but they do feel a bit waxy and some shades seem to sink into lines more than others and make my lips look dry- though they don’t feel dry.

Swatches- row by row



The colours really surprised me when I swatched them- especially the brights. I was expecting them to be quite patchy and less vibrant but they pack some serious pigment! I can definitely see how you can use these as face paints and I can’t wait to create a character look with this palette.

You get a row of pinks, nudes, reds, brights and darks in this palette so there’s a great variety but you’ll notice from the swatches above that a couple of shades do look quite similar.

Delanci lip 02


On me, these wear just the same as a standard lipstick. They will fade and disappear from the centre of the lips when eating/drinking but I think that’s to be expected. Other than that, they do stay put and I didn’t notice any bleeding going on.


I’m so impressed with this purchase as I don’t have anything like this in my collection and I think it will be so versatile to use for costume makeup as well as everyday use. I can’t wait to experiment using these as face paints!

What do you think to this palette? x

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